This Is It Fashion Face-Off: Adam Lambert vs. David Cook

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From the stage of American Idol to the red carpet of a major movie premiere.

David Cook and Adam Lambert have come a very long way.

The singers are each talented, handsome and, by all accounts, solid, moral, well-behaved individuals. But we're forcing Cook and Lambert to turn against one another below!

Posing for photos at the premiere of Michael Jackson's This Is It, both crooners might as well have been donning boxing gloves. Because it's totally on! Compare and contrast their looks and then vote in the proceeding poll...

  • This Is It for Lambert
  • Cooked

Who looked better at the This Is It premiere?


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Adam Lambert looks alot better here, no contest.


Both Adam and David have hair issues, but they're not models, they're both great singers. My vote goes to David. He looks casually elegant.


Forget Cook's hair, which has always had a mind of it's own- what's wrong with Adam's hair in this picture? It looked like he stuck his finger in an electrical socket. Go back to your old bangs, Adam! I'm going with Cook on this one, he just looks masculine and effortlessly naturally hot.


I'm an Archie fan but the next best thing to Archie is David Cook! We love him because he loves our Archie!


Find a really close-up picture and look at the skin. Adam looks like the grand canyon. David is beautiful with or without makeup and he has the voice of an angel. There is NO CONTEST.


Well Adam is definitely the Fashion Glam boy/whatever. David Cook I don't think would have any interest in a competition he has stated that fashion is not his thing. Interesting the dishing on Cook's hair when actually Adam looked like a teased mess neither Won in this category for me. As Adam has said he spends hours getting ready so he should get the Award. David is just David and for those of us who love the guy that's alright...differences make the world interesting no real need for snarking, just saying!


Adam, he looked hot that night!!


Adam knocks me out! He's beautiful! I always wondered what was not quite right with David Cook. Love his voice and music but you'r right - it's his hair. The flat to the forehead look. Style wise a big no. Sorry David.


Adam is much sexier hands down. I see guys dressed like David at the grocery store.


Both of these guys are talented and attractive, but Adam is way more fashion forward. He's dynamic, unique, and bold, and his fashion always echoes those attributes. I think he looked amazing at this event, while David was just "same old same old".