THG Comments Contest 3: Leave the Most This Week and Win Lauren Conrad's New Book!

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The Hollywood Gossip staff is pleased to announce the 3rd edition of our Comments Contest! Who won last week? Click here to find out our latest winner.

This week's reward? A copy of L.A. Candy, the New York Times bestseller from Lauren Conrad, if you leave the most comments on The Hollywood Gossip.

Comments you leave on our site will be tabulated between now and next Monday. If you leave the most, you get LC's book. Free. The rules are as follows:

  1. You must register and create a profile. This is easy, fun and FREE. You can fill out your profile under the "Edit My Profile" link while logged in.
  2. We reserve the right to disqualify any users based on illegitimate comments (i.e. 470 consecutive three-word comments on a single article).
  3. Comment on any THG post you want. Say whatever you want. We count comments you make on any celebrity gossip post, not just this one.
  4. Keep it clean-ish. Opinionated, rude, harsh and bitchy comments? Totally fine. But refrain from excessive vulgarity and profanity, please.
  5. Comments with URLs in them may be disqualified.

That's all there is to know. Now we want to hear what you think about ... everything! Your own copy of L.A. Candy awaits (Lauren Conrad not included) ...

L.A. Candy is loosely based on The Hills. Only it's supposed to be fake.

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i got her book and i love it im her new fan


Making your acne vanish is easier these days.There is lots of products and information there.


Lauren the hills suck without you and wbat did Kristen do to you please cme ack to the hills i loved it with you on there :)


I already read this book and it's horrible. It's like there were missing pages and the ending just literally dropped off. It's like LC dropped the pen and didn't feel like writing anymore.


FUN FUN FUN...Imagine you will have to post a comment and get a reward. This is such a great idea. So this is a chance for me to post multiple comments, hehehe. One of the thing i like doing the most is posting a comment, providing my feedback after reading a very interesting articles.


I would love to win this gosh darn book!


it would be great to win
real-wishes dot com where wishes become reality


i have to comment 24/7 to get to half of the number of comments some poeple have!


LC is so sweet. I'd love to meet someone like her... she's awesome!


Thank you for your help LC lover :)