THG Comments Contest 2: Leave the Most This Week and Win a New Moon Soundtrack!

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After a highly successful first week (see last week's winner), our staff is pleased to announce a 2nd edition of The Hollywood Gossip Comments Contest!

The reward? If you leave the most comments on The Hollywood Gossip between now and next Monday, you win a copy of the original New Moon soundtrack.

Again, it's quite simple. You read celebrity gossip and tell us what you think. We send you a New Moon soundtrack FREE if you do the best job. Sweet, no?

The rules are slightly different this time around:

  1. You must register and create a profile. This is easy, fun and FREE.
  2. We reserve the right to disqualify any users based on illegitimate comments (i.e. 700 consecutive three-word comments on a single article).
  3. Comment on any THG post you want, and say whatever you want. The contest applies to comments on any and all articles, not just this one.
  4. Keep it clean. Opinionated, rude, harsh and bitchy comments? Allowed, even encouraged. But refrain from vulgarity and profanity, please.
  5. Comments with URLs in them will be disqualified.

That's all there is to know. Now we want to hear what you think about ... everything! Go to town. Comment away. Amazing New Moon music awaits.

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I missed out on the free New Moon stuff!!! Awwwww!!! I registered on October 19, totally not fair!! I hope they do another contest with more New Moon stuff soon. Please!!


People named RPattz need not be insecure. We love people with that name too too much. LOL.


Is using the same sort of idea for a story still pilagarism?


If I dont win, my parents are going to heading to Future Shop tomorrow to get the soundtrack right when it comes out. Theres a special deal on it. Whos parents arent trying to save money in these "tough times".


Who doesnt love New Moon?


i realllly want to win this, i love new moon so much


probably midnight in california time. im in new york so idk what time that is


does this comp end at midnight?


The songs on the Twilight Soundtrack werent that depressing.


Britney would definetly not make a good president. It makes a difference up here in Canada too.