The Last Days of Anna Nicole Smith? Not Pretty!

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Anna Nicole Smith's death wasn't pretty. In fact, it was the polar opposite.

Revelations made in the first hours of the preliminary hearing against Howard K. Stern, Dr. Khristine Eroshevich and Dr. Sandeep Kapoor - the trio facing a combined 23 felony charges relating to the star's drug use and death - are disgusting.

We're talkin' feces in the bed, infections in uncomfortable places, blue-lipped ugliness. Detectives investigating the Playboy model's death found the following:

  • Smith was found February 8, 2007, covered with feces.
  • A dozen different prescription and illicit drugs from her hotel room, many prescribed by the hundreds, included powerful sedatives and muscle relaxers.
  • Howard K. Stern had served Anna, who was complaining of flu-like symptoms, children's electrolyte formula Pedialyte in a baby bottle. Great imagery.
  • Smith's cause of death was ruled acute combined drug toxicity of chloral hydrate, with additional drugs contributing. Sound like someone else we know?
  • Coroners say Smith had an infected abscess on her buttock and that Dr. Khristine Eroshevich admitted that Smith had been taking meds via injection.
  • Medications including methadone had been shipped to Smith's P.O. box during her stay in the Bahamas and were sometimes picked up by Stern.

Anna Nicole Smith (1968-2007) was a deeply disturbed individual.

Yeah. And it's actually much worse than you think. One can only wonder what will happen when Larry Birkhead is called to the stand in the case this week.

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Just disgusting and yet another article that has taken it to far, too much info that the world does not need to know


i cant believe this has only JUST come out, should have come out ages ago


i really hope justice perviles


RIP anna! And hope her family are ok and coping!


that poor woman! what a way to pass away!


i feel bad that she got treated like this by a person she apparently trusted, even if she was the worst person on earth which i'm sure she wasn't, she should have had someone better looking out for her


no matter what kind of person she was that is really a horrible way to die


Ew, what the hell? Covered in feces?


total agreement with above comment :)
she may not have deserved to die the way she did but she was worthless. actually scratch that, she was good to laugh at and pity.


Anna Nicole was a trashy, talentless gold-digger. She used and abused people to get what she wnated, fame, money, drugs. She made her own choices, and she chose life of SIN. Anna/Vickie Hogan was the kind of girl who if she hadn't become famous would have ended up in prison for MURDER. Mark Hatten told FBI, Anna asked him to kill Pierce Marshall. She was a trash, people should not glorify this harlot.

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