The Hollywood Gossip Caption Contest Returns!

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The Hollywood Gossip is pleased to announce the return of its Caption Contest, where readers try to write the funniest caption for the photo below!

The rules are simple. Look at the celebrity photo below. Click comments and send in your caption(s). Have fun. Tomorrow, we'll announce a winner.

Nadya and Kid

It's that easy, and we have a feeling you have lots of material to work with here. Leave as many captions as you want and be as harsh as you like!

Give it your best shot(s) for picture of Octomom Nadya Suleman...

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LOOK, mommmy!!! That lady over there actually has THIN lips!!!!


LOOK Bitch! The cameras are finally here. Will you play with me now?


i bet you can't swallow that dick, mom!


Hey! Nanny! Nanny! You Over there! Hey-what's yer name! Get this trick off my ride! Why she come around every damn time those bitch paps are here?!


Help! Help save us! We're being held captive against our will!
Help us - all 14 of us! Signed, Save The LaHabra 14


A few more brothers and sisters and we can take over this park!


When I grow up I'm goin that way!!!!!!!!!!!

Avatar comes the bill collectors from that pesty student loan department.


Yo' Momma, Imma let you finish, but that lady over there w/the crazy blond hair, she is the best'est Momma of all times!!!!


Mommy look! You just dropped out 8 more kids! Mommy look! Used condom on the ground, time for a new brother or sister! Mommy, why did that lady yell at you about taxes?

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