The Hollywood Gossip Caption Contest: October 29

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Welcome to another edition of The Hollywood Gossip Caption Contest, where our readers write the funniest caption for the celebrity picture posted below!

The rules are simple. Look at the image. Click comments and send in your caption(s). As many as you like. Have fun. Tomorrow, we announce the winner.

It's that easy. Today's Caption Contest subjects? Kourtney Kardashian baby daddy, Scott Disick, having an awkward lunch with her stepdad, Bruce Jenner.

What could they be saying? You tell us ...

Scott Disick and Bruce Jenner

Um, Bruce? Can you please stop rubbing your crotch in public? Everyone is starring at us.


Bruce thinking "Damn look at this ass on that one, oh crap thats Kim!"


S: I think Kourt mighta pulled the goalie on me on purpose.
B: What 's that mean? Is that a hockey reference? I ran track.


Look Bruce All I'm saying is I shouldn't have to sign a pre-nup if we decide to get married, I put up with her crazy family for this long I should atleast get something out of the deal!!"


"grow your hair out even more scott and ppl are going to mistake me for the babies daddy"


So then I'm hitting it from behind, and ... sorry, this just got weird.

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