The Hollywood Gossip Caption Contest: October 27

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Welcome to another edition of The Hollywood Gossip Caption Contest, where readers try to write the funniest caption for the celebrity photo posted below!

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    Lo: "Yea you finished your ABC'S....Hocked on phonics is so gonna imporove your life!!!!!!"


    Audrina: OMG! Are there video cameras over there?

    Lo: Mhmm..


    Seriously Audrina, Deep Impact isn't a porno??


    Yayyyyy Ding Dong the witch is dead!! (Lo)

    Now I lick Justin Bobby's dirty arm pits again!! (Audrina)


    Ok Holly, I mean Audrina, it's waaay too early for you to be wasted!


    lo: What are you doing?! We're supposed to pray before every meal!
    Audrina: Haha who cares! I'm already screwed!


    A: "Hey, like, I have this like, cool idea for like the new caption contest!"
    L: "like Yayyyy!!!!"


    Lo: Okay Audrina, that is WAY to much food, especially for that outfit! Hey, why don't you become anorexic with me?! Anorexia buddies!


    OMG! 12 many do I get if we split them between the two of us?!


    im an annoying rich bitch.....everyone look at me including you audrina :)

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