The Hollywood Gossip Caption Contest: October 27

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Welcome to another edition of The Hollywood Gossip Caption Contest, where readers try to write the funniest caption for the celebrity photo posted below!

The rules are simple. Look at the image. Click comments and send in your caption(s). As many as you like. Have fun. Tomorrow, we'll announce a winner.

Call Security

It's that easy. This week's subjects? Audrina Patridge and Lo Bosworth filming The Hills. Give it your best shot(s) for picture of the SoCal cuties below ...

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Lo: "Yea you finished your ABC'S....Hocked on phonics is so gonna imporove your life!!!!!!"


Audrina: OMG! Are there video cameras over there? Lo: Mhmm..


Seriously Audrina, Deep Impact isn't a porno??


Yayyyyy Ding Dong the witch is dead!! (Lo) Now I lick Justin Bobby's dirty arm pits again!! (Audrina)


Ok Holly, I mean Audrina, it's waaay too early for you to be wasted!


lo: What are you doing?! We're supposed to pray before every meal!
Audrina: Haha who cares! I'm already screwed!


A: "Hey, like, I have this like, cool idea for like the new caption contest!"
L: "like Yayyyy!!!!"


Lo: Okay Audrina, that is WAY to much food, especially for that outfit! Hey, why don't you become anorexic with me?! Anorexia buddies!


OMG! 12 many do I get if we split them between the two of us?!


im an annoying rich bitch.....everyone look at me including you audrina :)

The Hills Quotes

Brody's girlfriend is pretty. With very large breasts.

Lauren Bosworth [on Cora Skinner]

Someone with a great sense of humor is the most important thing, and someone who really supports me in everything I do... I don’t ever want to make an excuse for trying to work hard and having my own life. I love a guy that supports that and loves that.

Lauren Conrad [on men]