The Hills Recap: "Sorry Boo, Strike Two"

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This week on The Hills, Justin-Bobby continued to play mind games with Kristin, Holly got plastered again and Jayde Nicole went absolutely insane on Brody.

As always, The Hollywood Gossip editorial board looks back at back the previous night's The Hills (as we do for The City) awarding and taking away points  ...

Pratts Play with Guns

This week's episode title comes from a text Justin sent Kristin after ditching her beach party, referring to her three strike rule. Yes, he wrote that. Minus 7.

Later, he surprises "boo" by showing up anyway. Plus 6, because like the naked guy on How I Met Your Mother, J-B's unpredictability totally works on girls.

Kristin Cavallari sure overdoes the fake Valley Girl accent, over-pronouncing each syllable trying to sound ditzy. Liiiiiike, yaaaaaa, Bro-dayyyyyy. Minus 5.

HOT preview for New Moon during commercials! Plus 3.

Holly Montag says her true love is Jack. As in Daniel. Minus 4 for this dreadful cliche and being one of the sloppier drunks out there. We hope she's acting.

Despite being wrapped around Justin's finger, Kristin admits she has feelings for Bro-dayyyyyy. Ahh, there's nothing like a freshly contrived love triangle. Plus 2.

Speaking of Brody's love life, either MTV's editors want to sabotage Jayde Nicole, or she is rapidly becoming mentally unbalanced. Jealous much. Jayde? Minus 6.

Random dude off-camera: "What is up with Holly?" Great question. Plus 9.

Team Enzo! Plus 7, because even Spencer Pratt is warming to his adorable little neighbor. He tries, but can't even pretend to hate him anymore. It's kind of cute.

For the love of G*d, what the hell is Holly wearing at Speidi's!? Minus 4. Is The Hills secretly a cult where you have to drop 25 pounds and get plastic surgery?

Concerned Heidi Montag tells her troubled, drunk sis that she would, like, do anything for her (going to her b-party without a fee notwithstanding). Plus 6. B!tch.

Obligatory Minus 5 for Kristin not being Lauren Conrad. Are we really supposed to care about this girl and become invested in all her personal drama? Fail.

For the Love of Ray J preview during commercials! Plus 3.

TOTAL: +5! SEASON TOTAL: +43! We're still having a hard time caring about Kristin in any way, but at least Holly, Jayde and Justin are total loose cannons.


kristen = boyfriend stealer (even tho none of them were dating before)
i just hate her


i love audrina^^
the hills, as bad as you make it out to be, is acually kicking the charts :) especially compaired the the city.


Jayde is an amazing woman and I would LOVE for the show to let her be something close to what she is really like. The girl is hot, intelligent and spends a whole bunch of her time with charities and now shes on the world poker tour! Maybe they could follow her to one of her hot maxim shoots!! But if they are gonna keep portraying her as the jager girl, then maybe jager should hire her lol,


I totally enjoyed this episode. Krisitin is quite alright as far as i'm concerned. Lauren was normal which was alright too, but Krisitin doesn't really bother me. Um yeah Jayde, there is something wrong with her face, sometimes it's pretty and sometimes so not pretty. I think Kristin is bringing out everyone's true colors And I justin is totally messing with her mind, but clearly 'hearts' audrina. Those Italians- they'd never work.
It's like JAY Z & Lady gaga. what/ i don't know anymore. but i liked it. and i like Kristin. so piss off : )




HA kristin is annoying how she talks like that! still love her tho. THE BITCH IS BACK BITCHES!


Why do you hate Kristin so much? I would MUCH rather see her with Brody than Jade. Jayde SUCKS! Kinda funny how Stephanie is telling Holly she should cut back on the drinking when Stepohanie just got the DUI. Glad that rehab worked out so well for you Steph!

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