The Hills Preview: A Brody Jenner Love Triangle

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As love triangles on The Hills go, at least this one is semi-believable.

Brody Jenner and Kristin Cavallari were an item three years ago. He and Jayde Nicole are together now. So Jayde being jealous of Kristin makes some sense.

It's better than expecting us to believe Justin-Bobby would miraculously date someone. Yes, Audrina did. But the Justin-Kristin "romance" was a complete sham.

Anyway. In a new clip from MTV's long-running "reality" hit, Brody Jenner tells Jayde he's not sure if he still has feelings for Kristin, now the star of the show.

Jayde then issues her man an ultimatum: It's me or her.

Brody Jenner with his girlfriends, then and now. Team Kristin or Team Jayde?

"I don't want to hook up with Kristin, but do I know if I have feelings for her? Not really," Jenner said when asked to clarify his feelings for his ex-girlfriend.

Needless to say, that explanation isn't going to play well with Jayde Nicole. Some haters have labeled her a jealous girl. At the very least, she's passionate.

"Why are we even sitting here talking if you don't know if you have feelings for another girl?" Jayde responds. "You figure out what you want to do ... If you want to be back together and you want to apologize, you can call me."

Follow the jump for a clip from tonight's episode of The Hills ...


Jayde is a star. Always has been, ever since she was little. Smart and Beautiful. And keep taking everyone's breath away. Good Luck in everything you do Jayde. Love Auntie Marylene


brody is yum!!! :D


Jayde is awesome she is beautiful and does charity work! what does that fake annoying bitch Kristen do besides back stab and irritate everybody? Jayde is too good for Brody what the hell happened to him anyway? he looks like crap in that clip he looks like the dork he really is!


isn't this fictional? why is there so much news about it?


both girls are bitches ! totally not the girls for brody he should get back with lauren conrad they are the sweetest couple ever xxx


TEAM JAYDE, Kristin is a backstabber!


LOL thats not Matt Fox (from Lost), it's Brody Jenner DUH!!!!! How do you not know that? Weird. Anyway, Jayde Nicole (Dumbest name EVER by the way) is so damn annoying and not even pretty. Everything from her chola eyebrows and make-up irritate me. Kristin is prettier than Jayde on her worst day. Seriously.


Is that the guy from Lost?


I cant wait to see this!! I love this show. Jayde is a bit crazy and Kristin is trouble.. i think he should ditch both girls.

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