Taylor Swift Poses with Jew-Hating, Swastika Lover

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We already know that Taylor Swift likes Taylor Lautner a whole lot.

But we really hope she doesn't feel the same way about Nazis.

The 19-year old singer was photographed at Katy Perry's birthday party last week, with her arm some hateful loser wearing a Swastika-covered t-shirt.

We're gonna give Swift a pass here and assume she had no idea the guy to her left was donning the symbol of such hate, evil and genocide. But she might wanna be careful about who she poses alongside of in the future.

Taylor Swift, Swastika

[Photo: PacificCoastNewsonline.com]

Said Swift's rep to TMZ, who first posted the photo:

"Taylor took pictures with about 100 people that night... she doesn't know who this guy is and she didn't realize what was on his shirt."

Fair enough, T-Swizzle. Just stick to photos with Lautner and we'll love you forever.

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Im sorry but this is too funny.. I dont even like Taylor swifts music at all but come-on its a halloween party.. Like prince william didnt dress like a nazi before? Like Marilyn Manson doesnt use Nazi Imagery in his performances, and its a party... people dress like serial killers, nazi's, this and that... Who honestly gives a damn. She isnt No nazi, and neither is that dorky looking bastered. Just something he did for amusement and it got taken out of context so people need to chill. Also to the idiot that said ''He is in-fact jewish'' Yea, So was Hitler whats your point? Either-way, Taylor Swift, you earned my respect and even if you were a nazi, id still think you were HOTTTT.


Until the Nazis used this symbol, the swastika was used by many cultures throughout the past 3,000 years to represent life, sun, power, strength, and good luck.


yeah the swastika isn't only a nazi symbol.


There is no justifiable call for anyone to use a costume to insult others! Overall this sign is associated with evil hatred and how mind control can affect some to commit horrific crimes against humanity! So don't go trying to justify anyone portraying this for any other reason but, what it has come to symbolize around this world: narrow-minded, ugly hate! Maybe Taylor will now make herself aware of potentially putting herself in compromising situation. Well, as that wise adage says.."hurt me once shame on you...."


What people don't realize is that the Swastika symbol isn't always shown as a sign from the Holocaust...that symbol has been used for many other peaceful things.....everyone should really calm down unless they know for a FACT that's what the symbol was meant for...


Um....katy invited this guy 2 her party...why isn't anyone bashing her?? Not that they should but...hello??


These people would all fail Darwin's test. How stupid to wear a swastika whether or not someone painted it on you. Take it off or paint over it, and while you're at it, drown the person who did it in the punch bowl before they poison the rest of humanity.


What you don't know is that the guy in the photo is in fact Jewish.


Everyone came to that party wearing white outfits. Then during the party, the white outfits were decorated with paint. The guy didn't go to the party with the symbol painted on his shirt. Somebody else painted it on his shirt. Just like Julianne Hough painted "JH" on Taylor's white top. Whoever painted the red swastika on the guy's shirt is responsible for what is on it. Not Taylor.


The symbol also represents peace and well-being for lots of people, and I think it's more horrible that people perpetuate it as being solely a symbol of nazi oppression, instead of it's original, unperverted meaning.