Taylor Swift Poses with Jew-Hating, Swastika Lover

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We already know that Taylor Swift likes Taylor Lautner a whole lot.

But we really hope she doesn't feel the same way about Nazis.

The 19-year old singer was photographed at Katy Perry's birthday party last week, with her arm some hateful loser wearing a Swastika-covered t-shirt.

We're gonna give Swift a pass here and assume she had no idea the guy to her left was donning the symbol of such hate, evil and genocide. But she might wanna be careful about who she poses alongside of in the future.

Taylor Swift, Swastika

[Photo: PacificCoastNewsonline.com]

Said Swift's rep to TMZ, who first posted the photo:

"Taylor took pictures with about 100 people that night... she doesn't know who this guy is and she didn't realize what was on his shirt."

Fair enough, T-Swizzle. Just stick to photos with Lautner and we'll love you forever.


Thats not really fair, i doubt she didn't notice but it should be the guy who's prosecuted for this, not her all she did was stand there...


I know that kid. his name is AJ English. Total douche!!


Good grief! How could she not see it -- it's bright red and it's all over his shirt! >.> Perhaps it was digitally added in or something, lol. I don't see how Taylor could have NOT noticed it. And who is that random dude anyway? O.o Stop trying to defend Swift by calling it a sign of peace or whatever. The fact that it's tilted makes it blatantly and unmistakably a Nazi swastika.


Maybe she did not realize it, but she should have. The guy who was wearing it is also an idiot. Don't care what it may have represented before the evil warped all hating nazis, it is a symbol of hatred and some of the worst bigotry in history.


The nazi's stole the swastika, it was originally a japanese symbol of peace, lets not label innocent people jew-haters.....


Make believe film monsters like Dracula and Jason etc are not the same as the nazi (all christians by the way, surprise !)who walked men, women,children into ovens to be cremated alive. There are only 12 millions jews alive _world wide -now because of hatred, genocide, evil nazi and it is never ever appropiate to wear an swastika even for halloween. The sad thing is the swastika is a good symbol used by the evil devil nazi.But there are good and bad in every religion, every race, every country, it's an individual thing.


The fact that it is filled in on top makes it not a swastika. BTW can anyone tell us was the swastika really is?


Maybe he's just a Hindu.


The swastika is also, in some African cultures, a symbol of peace. I think the only difference is that the African symbol is tilted to a degree. Either way, seriously people, stop reading tabloids for a second and learn about other cultures.


"people dress up as murderers"? guess whole world is right thinking of americans as the biggest idiots on earth. nazis killed millions of ppl in places such as auschwitz but i think u've never heard about this before. just listen to stories of ppl who survived through these horrible times so maybe u will stop telling all this s...


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