Taylor Lautner: New Moon is Manly!

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To many, New Moon might be considered the ultimate chick flick.

But, in an interview with BoxOffice.com, Taylor Lautner has a message for his fellow fellas: this isn't the case.

Asked whether guys would enjoy the second installment of the Twilight Saga franchise, Lautner said yes because::

“There’s a lot more action than Twilight. It’s more exciting - it has werewolves and vampires, which creates fights because they don’t get along. Not only does the action step up, but the whole story line does as well. Now there’s a third person involved.”

As for his character in New Moon - seen above, shirtless and trying to woo Bella - Lautner dished on the two sides to Jacob Black:

"I play pre-transformation Jacob, and post. He doesn’t transform into a werewolf until halfway through the film. For pre-transformation, the books describe Jacob as clumsy. He trips over his own feet - he’s a kid. And as soon as he transforms, he all of a sudden because extremely agile. There’s several scenes that show his new agility, so that was the biggest thing I had to bring out.”

Meanwhile, the film has released a series of new character posters. Robert Pattinson as Edward is somehow missing, but click on the pics below for a look at Kellan Lutz as Emmett and more:

Nikki Reed Poster
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i love taylor lautner!!!!!!! he is sooooo hot!!!!!!!!!!


Can November 20 get here faster?


can't wait until this movie comes out. Read all of the books


Mmmm-mmm-mmm.. They are all good looking. Can't wait to see the movie! It's a good thing I live in Belgium: Comes out on november 18th!


I agree with you Tammy, I wish vampires and werewolves are true...hmmm.dreams... && sry but TAYLOR IS SOO SXY!!!


Eeeeeeeeeek! I know New moon, will be out soon, can't wait to see taylor! && I don't agree, I luv taylor lautner all together, robert is meh..... sry no offence ur awsum actor but I luv Taylor! YAY!


awww! TAYLOR IS SOO CUTE! I love him so much, he is truelly hott! love you taylor!


only 44 days 11 hours 25 minutes and 43 seconds until new moon in australia! YAY!!!!!!!!


Mpaa - have you even read the book? if you knew why Edward wasnt there, you wouldnt be so confused! Dont want to say to much in case you havent read it!


OMG! i cant waitttttt for New moon!!!! WO HOOOOO!!! Taylor look sexxxyy here!!