Taco Hell: Bob Griese Suspended By ESPN

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ESPN college football analyst and NFL Hall of Famer Bob Griese was suspended one week by ESPN after an off-color remark about NASCAR driver Juan Pablo Montoya.

This is not the week to work at ESPN. First, an affair with a crazy production assistant got baseball analyst Steve Phillips fired. Now Bob Griese gets a temporary boot.

The comment in question? During Saturday’s Ohio State-Minnesota game, ESPN ran a NASCAR graphic and co-analyst Chris Spielman wondered where Montoya was.

As his name was not in the Top Five in points standings, Griese mused that Montoya was “out having a taco.” Mmm. Not how to reach out to a key demographic.

We don't expect Juan Pablo Montoya will be inviting Bob Griese over for tacos anytime soon. The guy may not even like tacos. And they both work on weekends.

He apologized twice during the broadcast and ESPN issued a release disapproving of his comment. We're guessing that the disapproval was not because Montoya is from Colombia, whereas tacos are generally considered to be Mexican.

Luckily for Bob, he got off with just a one-week slap on the wrist. Note to analysts: Jokes with an ethnic bent, regardless of your intent, don't generally play well.


Mexican, Spanish, Latino, Columbian or whatever country of origin you would like to reference is NOW the NEW African American.
Power in numbers prevails and common sense has taken a back seat to maybe-possibly affending some group that may cost us some potentail business or market share.
I've had it with all this sensitivity crap - this was no big deal and Greise apologized 2 times on air.
ESPN should now stand for ...Ethnic Sensitivity Program Network.


for all you that subscribe to all these companies broadcasting this crapp those same companies will be profitig off of it and guess whos flipping the bill YALL ARE. im sick and tired of paying for this kind of crapp, THATS IT! my subscription will be cancelled tommorow and im going back to antenna and regular tv and enough of yall did the same these companies might get the message! americans stand up and be counted for and revolt for what is right in this country if there is anything thats right anymore in this country!!!!!!! SEND THE TACOS BACK TO COLUMBIA THEN ESPN WONT HAVE TO WORRY ABOUT BOBS COMMENT NO MORE, AND TACO BELL TO MAYBE THEY ALL FOLLOW IT BACK WHERE IT CAME FROM


JPM is a casual dude and I doubt he takes offense. All this media PC is going too far.


Political correctness is only for "white people" is doesn't apply for any other race. It is becoming a sad state of affairs in this country. It is going to hell in a hand basket, unless some people in leadership roles grow some balls and put a stop to all this. It is out of control. ESPN your one of the ones without balls.


Only a matter of time before some a-hole works Obama into a comment. Bob Griese = Obama...WOW


I can not believe our country has gotten so touchy about such incidental remarks. You can bet it's a white management team that done that so they wouldn't be sued.The kast I knew, tacos were sold on the open market. Now if they had said he was smoking weed.....


Who the hell doesn't like tacos?


BWAAAA-HA-HA-HA!!!!! Bob Griese is my hero!


When is anyone ever going to be reprimanded for equating arabs with terrorism? This is a total cave-in to the Spanish/Brazilian swarm of illegals.


Hey Dirty Sanchez -- what do you have against rednecks!!! millions of rednecks demand an apology!!!

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