Suri Cruise & Katie Holmes: A Tender Moment

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Kids. They grow up so fast.

It seems like just yesterday that Suri Cruise was born, and we thought she might not have even been real. But she was. And soon became probably one of our favorite celebrity babies of all time. Seriously. She is so cute.

Now, Suri Cruise is almost three-and-a-half years old. It's hard to believe how the time flies. One day, their first fecal matter is immortalized in bronze. The next ...

Sorry. Someone actually did that, though, so we're not crazy. What we were trying to say is she may not be a celebrity baby anymore, but she's no less adorable.

Case in point? This photo from the weekend in Boston, where Tom Cruise is filming his new movie Wichita. This tender mother-daughter moment says everything:

Suri and Katie Picture

Suri Cruise and Katie Holmes brave the brisk Boston weather.


this is great picture


She may be cute-not beautiful but she is still a spoiled little girl who will have problems as she gets older.


too bad Surri is a bastard child. Do you think that she will hate her parents when she grows up to know she is illegitimate?


Beautiful family. Absolutely beautiful. Tom, Katie and Suri have it right -- good living and a great attitude.


suri is too made up for a 3 year old always in high heels she looks more like a china doll then a 3 year old. besides shes not that cute anymore brad pitts daughter shilo is much more cuter and is less made up making her a real cutey


Suri is such a cutie


this is a great picture - glad the pictures are not of freaking tom cruise - hes a creep!


Suri is soooo cute. :D And wow, she's a big girl now!


Suri is like mini katie! so cute!


suri is a cutie little girl

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