Steve McNair Text Messages to Sahel Kazemi Released By Police

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The same day as Nashville police revealed that slain former NFL star Steve McNair carried on an affair with a second mistress, Leah Ignagni, his text messages to the mistress who shot and killed him have been made public for the first time.

More than 50 text messages between McNair and Kazemi were exchanged in the hours before police say she shot him to death and turned the gun on herself.

The McNair texts support authorities' theory that she was out of control.

Nashville police released the findings last night as part of a case summary and detailed the texts sent in the two hours before the July 4 murder-suicide.

Sahel Kazemi texted Steve McNair July 3 to ask for $2,000 to pay bills. She said she might need to go to a hospital because she could hardly breathe.

Police say texts show McNair had someone transfer her the money. Txts also show Kazemi meeting McNair at the Nashville condo where he was shot.

He asked her to leave the front door open for him.

Steve McNair mistresses Leah Ignagni, left, and Sahel Kazemi. Could Kazemi's jealousy of Ignagni have fueled a downward spiral and led to a grisly murder-suicide?

In response to a CBS report questioning the results of the Nashville police investigation, the department released its information, and spokesman Don Aaron said “there has been nothing uncovered that suggests this is not a murder-suicide.”

The CBS report Monday interviewed friends portraying Sahel Kazemi as happy and showed that she had about $2,500 in her account when she died.

Kazemi’s texts to Steve McNair talk of her showing furniture she planned to sell to some people and how she was at a store “trying to fix” her cell phone.

McNair texted her to say he had someone transfer the money she needed. Kazemi later texted McNair three more times asking to be with him that night.

Steve, who was married to Mechelle McNair, said he was having trouble getting his sons to sleep. But McNair was seen then at a restaurant with friends.

Kazemi texted she was going to his condo. He texted back at 12:38 a.m. that he was on his way. Kazemi told him at 1:14 a.m. that the door was open.

The last text was at 2:23 with Kazemi saying, “I am going to the store.”

Police say the message received by McNair’s phone seemed oddly placed in the stream of messages and out of synch. A T-Mobile specialist told police it could be a service or technical problem that caused a delay in the message's delivery.

Police also say the shift manager at the restaurant where Kazemi worked told officers something seemed to be bothering Kazemi on July 3. Sonya New asked Kazemi if everything was all right when a server told her of her DUI arrest July 2.

The manager also knew of Kazemi’s affair and asked about McNair’s divorce.

“And she (Sahel Kazemi) just rolled her eyes. New said at the end of the conversation, Kazemi said, “My life is just (awful) and I should end it.”

Kazemi asked if she could leave early and clocked out at 10:07 p.m.

The summary also includes new information from the woman Kazemi followed from McNair’s condo, suspicious that he was involved with someone else.

Police say Leah Ignagni confirmed she was dating McNair and recalled seeing a woman in a black Escalade parked outside his condo 2-3 weeks before the murder.

Ignagni said she saw the suspicious woman follow her and later saw the Escalade circling her block or parked outside her apartment a week or two later.

A 2007 black Escalade was co-registered both to Kazemi and McNair.


Is so sad about steve mcnairs death.he didn't deserve to be killed like an animal he was a good father maybe not a good husbandi am not completly sold on the idea that kizemi killed steve police keep saying that kizemi was a scorne lover with financial problems there is evidence that mcnair was helping kizemi on her bills this is such a big mistery.

@ michelleena

There's no "big Mistery"The Irasnian bitch killed him than killed herself!Why would the Cops kill them???


regardless of if you cheat or not we are not the judge of who lives and dies...


This is too much. What else are we going to find out?


ckd.... I agree 100%


i say if u're marry u shouldn't cheat..plain and simple...especially don't cheat on ya mistress,stuff like this is bound to happen....i just feel bad for his family


When are men and women going to learn that adultery ALWAYS has poisonous consequences? At least McNair, if he was going to be a cheap jerk and a cheat, could have made it worth it by picking a good looking mistress. That woman's nose...whew.


Sad story. Messy details, but sad

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