Stephanie Birkitt: On David Letterman, On the Late Show

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It's now public knowledge that David Letterman carried on an affair with a female staffer. The talk show host himself admitted this last night.

To her horror, that employee has now been identified as Stephanie Birkitt.

Considered one of Dave's most trusted staffers, Birkitt earned a degree from Wake Forest University in 1997; worked at 48 Hours upon graduation (where she first met Letterman's alleged extortioner, Robert Halderman); and joined the The Late Show months later.

She actually appeared on air at times, most notably in sketches such as“ Know Your Current Events,” as seen below. Fast forward to the 3:15 mark to watch Birkitt (referred to as "Vicki) interact with Dave and an audience member:

Reportedly, Stephanie developed a sexual relationship with Letterman that ended in 2003, prior to the birth of his son, Harry. She was living with Halderman at the time.

In 2004, in an interview with The Fort Worth Star Telegram, Birkitt said of her boss:

“He’s just playful. We play catch sometimes in the office, and we all go to screenings together. We eat food together, we sit around and watch TV together and goof on people. And he teases me in real life, too, but I give it back a lot more in real life.”


Opinions are flying in about David Letterman's dalliances with Stephanie Birkitt. What's yours?


To Bette - That's a very sexist comment. It insults women by somehow implying they are always the victim in any affair.
Birkitt was living with someone just like Letterman at the time of the affair. Why is he solely to blame? Women can't think for themselves? Women can't say no to their bosses?
This is different than Bill Clinton b/c a) he was the President; b) Monica was half her age; c) she cried later about being in love with him. She was clearly an impressionable youth - and he was the President!
Birkitt hasn't said a word about the affair and is now livid that it's been made public.

Pat coholan

When I've seen Stephanie Birkitt on the Late Show, she's made a solid comic contribution. I don't think the comment today at 1:52 PM makes a good point that we must enforce strict policies of sexual equilibrium. Whether the question that Letterman is a man and Birkitt is a woman is relevant I am suspect. Letterman is certainly not scum. This was surely a calculated move on Letterman's part and other similar personalities in the media would likely have the same influence to make similar disclosures.


Kudos to Dave for breaking the news himself. How many of us would like the choice to air our deepest secrets on national t.v., or let Harvey Levin make jokes about them on TMZ instead? His staffer must not have been very bright to keep diaries and photos lying around. I hope the "emmy winning" blackmailer enjoys a long vacation in prison. Who's ever going to work with him again?


I have had problems watching David Letterman for sometime. He's changed...more edgy, more mean..more political. I was truly surprised at this revelation..and thought his presentation was totally wrong. The audiance was doing that "nervous laugh thing" was strange. A serious matter should not be delivered like a joke! How is this less serious than the Bill Clinton mess? Bosses use their authority all the time in situations like this...even in the 21st century..and women still don't know how to handle it. He's scum in my book..and I'll never look at him the same.

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