Stephanie Birkitt: On David Letterman, On the Late Show

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It's now public knowledge that David Letterman carried on an affair with a female staffer. The talk show host himself admitted this last night.

To her horror, that employee has now been identified as Stephanie Birkitt.

Considered one of Dave's most trusted staffers, Birkitt earned a degree from Wake Forest University in 1997; worked at 48 Hours upon graduation (where she first met Letterman's alleged extortioner, Robert Halderman); and joined the The Late Show months later.

She actually appeared on air at times, most notably in sketches such as“ Know Your Current Events,” as seen below. Fast forward to the 3:15 mark to watch Birkitt (referred to as "Vicki) interact with Dave and an audience member:

Reportedly, Stephanie developed a sexual relationship with Letterman that ended in 2003, prior to the birth of his son, Harry. She was living with Halderman at the time.

In 2004, in an interview with The Fort Worth Star Telegram, Birkitt said of her boss:

“He’s just playful. We play catch sometimes in the office, and we all go to screenings together. We eat food together, we sit around and watch TV together and goof on people. And he teases me in real life, too, but I give it back a lot more in real life.”


Opinions are flying in about David Letterman's dalliances with Stephanie Birkitt. What's yours?


As soon as this story broke, I thought of that girl "Smitty" (Stephanie Birkett) who used to be on Camera sometimes. The way that Dave interacted with her led me to believe that there was something going on. Crazy.


More media stupidity, His highness using his position for sexual harrassment. Good for him, bad for CBS. The elite believe they can get away with anything, health care eugenics,carbon taxes,personnal attacks. Its great when the universe kicks back.
CBS needs to fire Dave as soon as possible, and payoff his playmates. Before this gets anymore fuel by the other government run medias to distract us from the criminals within our government.


women will sleep with anyone whos richer, funnier and famous than the one they are with .. men will sleep with 'anyone' period.


I think they make a cute couple, though she could certainly snag some younger guys! The worst thing that happened here is that some scumbag went after Dave for $2million and was a total idiot in the process. Maybe the second worst is that a couple of people cheated on the people they were seeing - in Dave's case, a life partner. That's humanity, that's life. Holier-than-thou is just time-wasting fantasy. Morons always want to chatter about liberals and Hollywood - do you have a brain of your own? Get an education, a life, a real opinion, some perspective...


I remember thinking it was incredibly obvious Dave and Stephanie were way too familiar with one another and I suspected there was more to it. She is a lot younger. My concern is more for Regina Lasko, who I only hope already knew about it. As for the public, it is really not our business except we all tend to live vicariously through our celebrities. It's sad to me, but I refuse to judge someone else's morality. I have a hard enough time taking care of my own personal life without moralizing about others.


I just love douchbags like "Dookie" that make statements like "more conservatives have been caught in adulterous behavior than liberals". First of all, how do you even quantify that statement? haha. what an idiot. and secondly, i think it's pretty safe to say that an overwhelming majority of hollywood is liberal, not conservative. there seems to be an affair every other day from some hollywood idiot. and since the porn industry is in socal, let's include them too, because they sure as heck aren't conservatives. i think you could probably make an argument on a majority of stars in the porn industry hoping from partner to partner. to me, that looks more like more liberals having affairs than conservatives. even the conotation "liberal" in and of itself would apply that "liberals" would be more "liberal" in there sleeping around activities than someone with a conservative viewpoint or lifestyle.


Kenny: Have you ever heard of John Ensign? Newt Gingrich? Rud Giuliani? Mark Sanford? What on earth makes you think Republicans have a Monopoly on morality?


What a non-issue. These people were consenting adults, apparently unmarried to anyone else - so the only thing "wrong" is the mind of anyone who has a problem with this.


Hey Kenny, more conservatives have been caught in adulterous behavior than liberals. Let's have TMZ do a tally on the air. Dave and Stephanie are no different than how many people? Is it 55% of all married couple in the US now? Including politicians, liberals, conservatives, celebrities, lawyers, bankers, plumbers, mechanics, journalists, machinists, electricians, morticians, doctors, salesmen, hairdressers.......... etc. The story isn't that they had an affair. Who cares. The story is that someone thought they could extort money from him. There are more important things to be concerned about than than the affairs of people on tv.


Letterman should be fired. What a hypocrite! He wants to slam other people and make them look like fools and low life's for doing less than this. Of course the liberals and Hollywood are going to say "good for you Dave for coming clean" and think what he was doing was cool! There isn't any morality left in Hollywood or the liberal left. Shame on CBS for protecting this "scum". I agree with you Bette. As for the rest of the liberal comments, you are what is wrong with this screwed up society we live in. Where has your ideological ideas gotten us? Put morality and decency back in our government and entertainment industry. That includes the ABC, NBC, CBS, MSNBC, etc. Any reporter that slants a story and doesn't just report the facts should be held accountable. Just like Letterman, he should be held accountable for his actions. To Sexist, I believe this woman is half of Letterman's age.

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