Stephanie Birkitt: On David Letterman, On the Late Show

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It's now public knowledge that David Letterman carried on an affair with a female staffer. The talk show host himself admitted this last night.

To her horror, that employee has now been identified as Stephanie Birkitt.

Considered one of Dave's most trusted staffers, Birkitt earned a degree from Wake Forest University in 1997; worked at 48 Hours upon graduation (where she first met Letterman's alleged extortioner, Robert Halderman); and joined the The Late Show months later.

She actually appeared on air at times, most notably in sketches such as“ Know Your Current Events,” as seen below. Fast forward to the 3:15 mark to watch Birkitt (referred to as "Vicki) interact with Dave and an audience member:

Reportedly, Stephanie developed a sexual relationship with Letterman that ended in 2003, prior to the birth of his son, Harry. She was living with Halderman at the time.

In 2004, in an interview with The Fort Worth Star Telegram, Birkitt said of her boss:

“He’s just playful. We play catch sometimes in the office, and we all go to screenings together. We eat food together, we sit around and watch TV together and goof on people. And he teases me in real life, too, but I give it back a lot more in real life.”


Opinions are flying in about David Letterman's dalliances with Stephanie Birkitt. What's yours?


OK!This is his employee he is supposed to be the adult? It happens to young impressionable females, not unlike Monica Lewinsky. I hope he paid her off like Polanski did with his young victim. His wife is the one who won the gold medal. She got pregnant. She now sits on a goldmine in Ct. He lives in his bachelor pad in NYC. The saga in the daily life of sleezes.


Heres to the biggest douchebag of them all - Erik above - who is trying to link statistical analysis with "whos fucking who" and throwing a little porn in there for flavor (having absolutely nothing to do with anything). Hey erik - Are you related to KKKKKKenny?


I've been watching Letterman for 25+ years
Kenny - where were you through all the Clinton years fuck stick? He torqued him every night practically (again, I agree w hmmmm, through his writers)still does to this day along w Hillary
Palin? Palin came up so much because she repeatedly did/said retarded shit (besides actually being a retarded shit)and once again the writers created bunch of material for.
You mention Hannity and Beck would keep him quiet - you mean the opposite, right? that he would lambast..........
Dude - you are a tool - and everything that is wrong with USA now.
Oh I get it.....your KKKKenny from Southpark. My apologies for poking fun at the disabled. Screw you guys I'm going home....


Those like Kenny and Guest above are scary to me. They are scary because they are rush to judgement/quick to assume/screw the facts type people. Before you send down your lightning bolt here's just one example of a question you might want answered.... who seduced who?


I'm with sanity :) and hmmmm


Steph 34
Dave 61
Way to go big D!!!!
I concur with hmmmm, gene, brad, intelgirl, smartma, etc. - its just sex people
$%^&'in chill


I am disapppointed. I have always liked watching David Lettermand and Stephanie contributed to the show. I am a little disappointed and wonder how involved Stephanie is with the extortion accusation.


mrcyncic couldn't have said it up Kenny you are retard....Letterman has writers who write the monologue and he is just part of the human species signed,
Harvard of the South Graduate


Judgemental people are typically retards...


Who cares? These are two adults and really no one's business except theirs. If he is scum, she is too! And the biggest scum is the man who is trying to get $2 million out of him.

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