Stephanie Birkitt: On David Letterman, On the Late Show

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It's now public knowledge that David Letterman carried on an affair with a female staffer. The talk show host himself admitted this last night.

To her horror, that employee has now been identified as Stephanie Birkitt.

Considered one of Dave's most trusted staffers, Birkitt earned a degree from Wake Forest University in 1997; worked at 48 Hours upon graduation (where she first met Letterman's alleged extortioner, Robert Halderman); and joined the The Late Show months later.

She actually appeared on air at times, most notably in sketches such as“ Know Your Current Events,” as seen below. Fast forward to the 3:15 mark to watch Birkitt (referred to as "Vicki) interact with Dave and an audience member:

Reportedly, Stephanie developed a sexual relationship with Letterman that ended in 2003, prior to the birth of his son, Harry. She was living with Halderman at the time.

In 2004, in an interview with The Fort Worth Star Telegram, Birkitt said of her boss:

“He’s just playful. We play catch sometimes in the office, and we all go to screenings together. We eat food together, we sit around and watch TV together and goof on people. And he teases me in real life, too, but I give it back a lot more in real life.”


Opinions are flying in about David Letterman's dalliances with Stephanie Birkitt. What's yours?


People in the same work environment developing relasionships? What a surprise. Before Dave married was a different matter. Promising fidelity after marriage is a vow that I hope Dave took seriously. Dave doesn't strike me as I womanizer, and since I have never met him or any person he knows, I am in a perfect postion give an opinion. Still, I like Dave; hopes he has his new family's best interests foremost in his mind.


Janice - how do you have any idea whatsoever what the agreement/understanding was between Letterman and Lasko at the time?????
Sounds like this one hit a little too close to home for you or something. Do not have anything close to enough info to cast all the despersions you do in your rave???.........outrageous
PS I would take the smarts of box/rox over Palin any day


Sets good example for our youth,if you're in a comitted
relationship CHEAT !What has happened to the moral fiber of
our country and as Whoopie Goldberg said about Roman Polanski
It wasn't RAPE RAPE.What do you call drugging a 13 yr old girl
and having SEX.


He was in a relationship at the time with his current wife.I read
they were dating for 23 yrs.,so if he was cheating on Regina Lasko
he is WRONG,plain and simple .If any of you were in a relationship
boyfriend/girlfriend would you want the other party f****** around
on you????? Oh poor Dave.I feel so sorry for him.


Apparently he was in a relationship with his current wife.In all
photos I've seen of her she looks about as smart as a box
of rocks,but cheating on her was wrong and all I hear on tv
is Dave extortion poor Dave,what about what Dave did???
Then he comes on tv Friday taking once again cheap shots
at SarahPalin and her new book.I say email,call CBS,picket to
FIRE DAVE. Petition and put it on the net then send to CBS


edie - they are retarded judgemental people - see my earlier posts
they cant help it


Dookie and Bette, exactly what law did these two consenting adults break?Neither was even married at the time.Ony a douchebag would make this a liberal vs. conservative issue, considering that is not at allan issue in this non-issue of a "story."


Hey on2u - do you know any other attorney (read her bio), impressionable 34 year old females?????? Can you send me their contact info????


I think he did a good job of discussing the variables. And it was extortion in a very big way with what was being suggested and threatened. If he was unmarried, and they were consenting adults, then there's nothing wrong with being intimate with a co worker or employee. If it was forced, or coerced, that's a different story. The aspect that a play or book was being suggested of being made is not proper and the charges for this guy of extortion are valid.


catman: There is plenty of material out there to dish up on obama. Not a joke from wimpy letterman. He dished it out about Palin and her daughter. He never let up on these "women" It became ridiculous after she left office he would not let up. Bush,Clinton got theirs. Not messiah Obama.

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