Report: Stephanie Birkitt Cheated on Robert Halderman with David Letterman

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Former Late Show with David Letterman staffer Stephanie Birkitt said in her private diary that she continued having sex with Dave even after moving in with her CBS-producer boyfriend, Robert Halderman, who later allegedly tried to extort him.

According to the New York Post, Letterman and Birkitt enjoyed romantic hikes last fall at his ranch in Montana, where he married Regina Lasko in March.

All the while, Birkitt's beau Halderman, a CBS News producer, was home in Norwalk, Conn. Birkitt told him she and Dave had "a platonic relationship."

"I'm his best friend," Stephanie Birkitt told a worried Robert "Joe" Halderman.

Stephanie Birkitt's rumored cheating on Robert Halderman, her boyfriend of several years, may have driven him to blackmail David Letterman, according to reports.

Apparently, he was such a good friend that at least once a week, he drove Birkitt to the house she lived in with Halderman since he divorced his wife in 2004.

According to the diary, Birkitt, a recent graduate of Benjamin Cardozo Law School in New York, was offered a job by Letterman to be his personal attorney.

Birkitt later tried to use the generous offer to persuade Halderman to have children, saying she'd make good money and he could stay home with the kids.

Halderman reportedly went through the roof when he read Birkitt's diary in December, after she moved out (and somehow inexplicably left her private diary).

It was then he learned she was still carrying on an affair with Letterman.

These details emerged as Letterman returned to the Late Show for the first time since Thursday, when he revealed he'd had sexual affairs with female staffers and became targeted in a $2 million extortion plot by Halderman as a result.

Last night, Letterman attempted to blend humor with earnest apologies as he made many jokes at his own expense, then turned serious as he addressed the affairs, apologizing to wife Regina and his staff for the pain he's caused.


boy.. now i feel bad for the boyfriend. letterman is such a scumbag... the girl friend (Birkitt) is also a screw up whore. she shouldn't play Haldermann like htat. she can sleep her way to the top all she wants... but she should not treat Haldermann like a looser. letterman obviously set haldermann up for the fall. letterman is a passive aggressive asshole. he is so arrogant. watch conan, screw letterman. letterman is that creepy old boss at your girl friend or wife's work that want to get his wee-wee into her pants all the time. unfortunately, some women get a thrill out of sleeping with men with power (and as old as MOsses). it is a sick dynamic, stay away if you can.


Who has that diary now? I'm sure there are some out there that
would pay plenty to read it. She made of moved out rather quickly
and forgot to get her diary. This is just a one those stupid
human things we've all been there. I would hope for Dave's son
sake that things do quiet down and he can decide if he can handle
marriage and seeing that his son gets the best he can offer him
as a Dad, the best gift a father can give their children is to love
their mother.


this is such drama and its getting so old


OOOOOH Dona: I only wonder do people like you practice what you preach or have you been part of another “summer of love� List, yourself. Take care, had fun hear. Live the dream.




I believe that the American people can see the distinction between a Late Night jokester and a Politician who preaches one thing and lives another. And I also believe that the American people will have more compassionate about this situation, but who knows what the court case will reveal. I guess sexual harassment suit can be filed (I have not heard of one) but until then, who cares what consenting adults do. We all know that there are laws for regular folks and laws for those who have influence and power. Kinda like the military they all get different spanks for different ranks.


I think Dave will survive this just fine. You gotta love him. He's intelligent, articulate, and funny. At least he admitted it and spoke candidly about it on national television. That is refreshing. As the person who responded above, he's not a politician, or part of the clergy. Yet, so far when comparing all three (tv talk show host), he has been the most honest and open about his wrongdoings.


All those poor folks out there are dying and drowning and staving to death.. does anybody really think this crap matters?


Yes, he's no family man, but wasn't he the one crucifying the politicians who were doing the same thing? He's just another hypocrite. Oh well......I didn't like his show anyway. As for the interns.......I just want to say....girls, girls, girls....what are you thinking?


this is really sounds as if everyone is cheating

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