Source Confirms Feelings Between Taylor Lautner and Taylor Swift

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It may be too soon to officially dubbed them Taylor Squared, but Taylor Lautner and Taylor Swift totally have feelings for one another, reports confirm.

A day after a photo of the pair at a hockey game surfaced, a source told Us Weekly that the young icons "have gotten closer."

"They talk all the time, [and] they like each other," the insider said. "It's been hard with their schedules. They are both young and in the spotlight."

Following the aforementioned game, witnesses spotted Lautner and Swift entering the Beverly Hills hotel. A different kind of entering may have subsequently commenced, as no one saw the pair leave that night!

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Added the source:

"They aren’t worried about the media. It's just still very new. They like each other. I don’t even think they know what it is yet. They would be open about it, but they need to figure out what it is first."

In the meantime, we'll talk about it openly. Write in and let us know just how adorable you find this celebrity pairing to be!


i dont think they should date taylor wouldnt do that to selena gomez and selena and taylor l made a better couple they should get back together


i dont think they go tigether nicely either. but if he wants to date her its not like we can stop him, personally i dont think theyre dating, the press can do a lot to these 2


i like how as soon as people become "famous" they suddenly start dating anyone around them


If they are feeling eachother dats mest up bcuz taylor swift is really gud friends with selena.
Dat wud get me mad even if I dident like him any more.
Dey do not make a cute couple.


c'mon taylor swift jus tell us who cares about fucking gomez?


selena gomez and taylor swift are really close friends, selena use to date taylor lautner, and now her friend and ex boyfriend are dating? thats not right, if i were selena i'd cut them both off!


Wow. She looks like barbie and he looks like ken.


Hi, i actually don't think that they look good together.. But taylor s is indeed a little too old for him!


she's 19 he's 17....find the problem. dont get me wrong over here, I like both of 'em but honestly...taylor S. is too old for Taylor L..


i just love this pair, its awesome. i love them both, may they be happy together!

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