SNL Obama Skit Takes Rare Shots at the Prez

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On Saturday Night Live over the weekend, Lady Gaga and Madonna went at it in a cat fight for the ages. But it was a sketch about President Obama that got some of his supporters on the left of the political spectrum fired up.

SNL Obama skits are typically mixed bags, since:

  • Fred Armisen is funny, but looks and acts nothing like Barack Obama
  • He inspires strong opinions, but B.O. doesn't offer comedic material

Well, this week's SNL Obama skit was more attention-grabbing than usual, as it was one of the first that in which the show really went to town on him.

Sure, the skit slammed Republicans for calling Barack Obama a socialist ... but their reasoning is that you can't be a socialist if you don't do anything.

The skit that opened the show ripped Obama's lack of achievements since taking office, even poking fun at him for failing to get Chicago the Olympics.

Unfair to expect him to deliver on lofty promises in nine months? Probably. Factually accurate, however? Indeed. Check it out and see what you think ...

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i love obama:)


"B.O. doesn't offer comedic material" Simply not true. Example.. Obama flys to Europe with his wife and Oprah Winfry to pitch Chicago as the host for the Olympic games and Chicago comes in DEAD LAST. If this had been George Bush don't you think that David Letterman, Jay Leno, Bill Maher could have come up with something funny to say about it? Please... Oprah and Michelle addressing the Olympic committee?? Dead Last?? Obama with world class egg on his face.. No jokes?? Obama offers plenty of comic material. It's just that all the liberals are afraid to say the king has no clothes.


Hey. I love Obama. He's not destroying this country. What he's trying to fo is the right thing. But that doesn't mean he's off limits. That skit was one of the only funny skits on Saturday night. Gimme a break. When someone makes a joke about conservatives, conservatives are angry. When someone makes a joke about liberals, liberals are angry. It's all just jokes. Get over yourselves.


hehe everyone loves obama :)


Hey, did you know it cost over a million dollars for him, his wife and Oprah the Great to fly over to win the Olympics. Thanks a lot Obama. Money well sepnt while millions go without jobs. I am so sorry your wife had to sacrifice by flying over in luxary to Europe to be treated like a queen with her "chat buddy", Oprah. Oh, yes, she did it for the fat kids in Chicago. Also, her "all about me" speech was so laughable. The IOC could care less abouthow her stupid father struggled. What was that all about?!


So it's okay to make fun of Sarah Palin, George Bush, George Bush, Sr., but fun cannot be made at the Messiah?! All of this was true and it's about time SNL did it! Liberals can dish it out but they just cannot take it. Now Obama will probably have SNL banned. And NO, SNL is not racist!


That was hilarious!!! Love Obama!


i thought it was funny but i still love obama!


I fear the kind of mind you have...slow. For one no one is saying they are outraged by the fact SNL is poking fun of the President due to the color of his skin. Give Obama time and he will bring change, positive change not the change of your beloved know economic depresssion, war, oh and lets not forget pretty much the entire world turned agianst us. You clearly don't watch SNL that often because they made fun of President Clinton and still do from time to time, who is...YUP a white democrate! They bashed Bush cuz he was the current President, and I'm sure they will continure to make fun of Obama because well, they are a comedic show making fun of people is kinda what they do. So relax and go get yourself an Obama sticker cuz that man is your comander and cheif for the next 4+ years!!! :) :)


LMAO! I thought it was hilarious! FINALLY comedic show, such as SNL, makes fun of a democratic/liberal president! I get so tired of seeing them bash the republican presidents. And for those that are outraged about this skit, give me a freaking break! Were you also outraged when they made so much fun of Bush? NO! Because his is a republican and he is white.
And no, I don't think it's unfair to expect our President do something in 9 months. Just like he says "he's accomplished jack and squat". Maybe that is for the best though, I fear the kind of change he wants to bring!