Shocker: Shauna Sand Gave Sex Tape Green Light Before Fake-Suing to Block it

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It's official. Nothing can stop the Shauna Sand sex tape now.

The 97-percent plastic Playboy model has withdrawn a legal challenge claiming the tape of her and some boyfriend fornicating was released against her will.

She withdrew it after Steven Hirsh, co-chairman of Vivid Entertainment, brought in a handwriting expert to prove Shauna had in fact signed off on the tape.

Wouldn't you know it, she had. All 12 people clamoring for the Shauna Sand sex tape can celebrate the fact that it's release will not be delayed any longer.

After meeting with her on Thursday, Hirsh said the ex-wife of Lorenzo Lamas has withdrawn the cease and desist letter her lawyer she sent Vivid this month.

Hirsh says Shauna's reason for withdrawing her challenge to the filthy, unappealing tape's release was because the lawsuit could prove "long and expensive."

Mmm. Sure.

Or because it was just a token threat to make it look like she didn't plan this desperate, nasty plea for attention all along. Yup, we're gonna go with that.

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Shauna Sand has pulled out of a legal battle involving her sex tape. The guy co-starring in said tape is doing nothing of the sort, if you know what we mean!


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she looks like a porn star anyway might as well make some money off the only thing she does well

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