Shayne Lamas: Shauna Sand is Pure, Plastic Trash

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A day after giving the thumbs up to her filthy, revolting sex tape, Shauna Sand finds herself under attack. Only not from any copyright lawyers this time.

The woman looking to tear her apart is none other than her ex-stepdaughter.

Shayne Lamas, Lorenzo Lamas' daughter from a previous marriage, is not pleased that about the Shauna Sand sex tape, or the stunt pulled around it.

You could argue that Shayne is pissed because Shauna's tape is taking publicity away from the new show Leave it to Lamas, but it's probably helping.

Shauna and Lorenzo have three young children from their marriage, which lasted between 1996-2002. No doubt this sets a great example for them.

Shauna Sand Side Boob

Shayne Lamas is calling out Shauna Sand. Someone had to.

To that end, Shayne Lamas told TMZ the following:

"It's no shock that Shauna basically gave her seal of approval on the tape. She will probably try to get producing and directing credit as well."

"I hear it's pretty hardcore and she does all her own stunts too!"

"There has never really been much of a difference between Shauna and a blowup doll... Cheap, mostly plastic and a head full of air. She is pure trash."

Well said, Shayne. Boy, the truth stings there. Even more so than some of the diseases Shauna likely gave her co-star in the "leaked" tape. Ick.


Yep "stupid is as stupid does" Step mom or not, it has to be all that peroxide/bleach in their hair that make these women such twits!


Hi Shauna I love you. You are so nice. You have an perfect body.


This headline truly say it all


plastic = fake = grow up


they're both plastic!


Ag Please Shayne, if you had a sex tape you would have done the same seeing as you are exactly the things you accuse your stepmother of! You should be ashamed of your own behaviour and the way you used The Bachelor to gain some sort of fame. Pitty Matt never saw through you! You and your stepmother are like two peas in a pod!!

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