Shauna Sand Denies A.J. Lamas Boning

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Apparently A.J. Lamas is one of few guys who hasn't banged Shauna Sand.

The Playboy model claims she's not a notch on her stepson's bedpost, despiteĀ  a horrible rumor that her ex-husband's reality show may be trying to perpetuate.

Sand claims the pilot of Leave it to Lamas was based on a "lie" that she had sex with A.J. Lamas, Lorenzo's son. Shauna is, like, totally hurt by the accusation.

Because, after all, it would totally sour her pristine reputation if true. Says the star of the hilariously staged, graphic PR stunt that is the Shauna Sand sex tape.

Shauna Sand Crotch Shot

Did A.J. Lamas hit it with his former stepmom?

In any case, Shauna says it never happened, and released this statement:

"It turned out the whole first episode of Leave it to Lamas revolved around a lie that the Lamas family concocted about me sleeping with my step-son A.J."

The skanky Sand continued: "This story is absolutely untrue and I'm absolutely sick of being used and ridiculed by this family for the benefit of their show."

She's cool with using the debut of their show to generate buzz for her nasty video, though. When Shayne Lamas sees through your act, you've got issues.


Not such a big thing. The stepson isn't related to her (by blood), so who cares who he screwed? If this is true he must be the only guy in LA County who HASN'T slept with her.


I personally spoke to AJ and he said he did screw his step-mom when he was living with his dad and her. He was 18 and she made the first move.


the whole family are screwed up anything could of happened. i think its true...seriously


You know I never heard of these people either. Who'd want to be famous for something like this?




i dont see why they lie


I agree with you angelina! i never knew who this was until all those rumours came out


this woman is an attetion seeker. and a sick one too


if the rumor is just a rumor then it's a disgusting thing to make up and if its not then it's a disgusting thing for both the step son and mom to do


before the sex tape and reality show, I (and most likely thousands others) had no clue who these people were so i guess mission accomplished by the rumors, tape, and statements

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