Seriously, Billy Ray Cyrus?!?

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Noah Cyrus is nine years old. She makes Ali Lohan look like a senior citizen.

Still, did Miley's sister dress as a witch for a Halloween party hosted by actress Jamie Lee Curtis this weekend? No. A cheerleader? Guess again. A policewoman? Please.

The tyke apparently received permission from her parents to walk a red carpet in the following outfit:

Noah Cyrus Pic
Noah Cyrus Picture

Looks like Noah Cyrus dressed like her sibling for Halloween. [Photo: Splash News]

We're not sure why we're surprised, considering Billy Ray Cyrus' jovial reaction to his other daughter making like a stripper in front of millions.

Guess we were under the impression he'd draw the line at inappropriate attire for a girl that's four years away from being a teenger. Our bad.


that's so short.


oh grow up she is not showing anything and it is a costume. Just because you have a phobia about being different and an individual doesn't mean everybody else should. What it was a boy in a dress would that bother you too??? She is a child who is not there by herself so like I said Grow up!!!


Some people can wear red lipstick. Some people can't.
Noah is an example of a person who can't, not only due to aesthetic reasons, but also due to the fact she is nine and it's paired with stripper boots. Playing with Mommy's old makeup? Wearing a too large dress discarded by her sister? Sure, kids dress up. But this ensemble? No, no, no.
Poor baby. Makes me want to rescue her and all the little doomed Hollywood waif-ettes.


my prediction is noah's doommed, she's bound to end up like miley, like how ali lohan ended up like lindsay. blly ray cyrus has officially lost his mind


okay. so this is a costume right?? well, ok. its halloween, you can get away with a lot. however, those boots aren't cool paired with the dress, it is a little inappropriate.


this outfit is totally innapropiate for any age unless your profession is hooker
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first of all when ur a little kid, its not as innapropriate, shes just wearing a costume!!. btw I think that is an awesome idea for a cool costume for little miss Noie. I SOO want those boots though :P haha I need them for my Punk costume!!


KSmithGray, You are rude and mean.


Wow. My parents would kill me before I would be allowed out in something like that...and I'm a good two decades older than this kid.


This has got to be one of the ugliest children I've every seen.

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Noah Cyrus is the younger sister of Miley Cyrus. She clearly wants to follow in the famous footsteps of her siblings, as Noah has starred... More »
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