Seriously, Billy Ray Cyrus?!?

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Noah Cyrus is nine years old. She makes Ali Lohan look like a senior citizen.

Still, did Miley's sister dress as a witch for a Halloween party hosted by actress Jamie Lee Curtis this weekend? No. A cheerleader? Guess again. A policewoman? Please.

The tyke apparently received permission from her parents to walk a red carpet in the following outfit:

Noah Cyrus Pic
Noah Cyrus Picture

Looks like Noah Cyrus dressed like her sibling for Halloween. [Photo: Splash News]

We're not sure why we're surprised, considering Billy Ray Cyrus' jovial reaction to his other daughter making like a stripper in front of millions.

Guess we were under the impression he'd draw the line at inappropriate attire for a girl that's four years away from being a teenger. Our bad.


One word DISGUSTING!!!!!!!!


This is just disturbing, put some decent clothes on and take off that make up


HI every one, i'm 11 years old and i'm a 6th grader and i'm a middle schooler....seriously,when i was a 9 year old,i dressed as a witch for halloween...........i never dress like noah cyrus friends and i would never dress like this until i am sixteen.....also,everyone in my middle school building never dress like this for halloween.......this pics make me want to puke....


Her face is so ugly..Billy thought she should show some leg. He wants to make her into a Pretty Baby, remember that Brook Shield's movie.


Billy Ray Cyrus should be ashamed..she looks like a vixen witch..which is not good for a 9 year old. Billy has no morals. His path is narrow, lined with dollars till he reaches Beverly Hills..for his children, a redneck hillbilly....remember the controversial magazine shoot with Miley(she hid behind her Christianity), they figure you and me are too ignorant to see through them as they laugh behind our backs and eat their caviar..or whatever rich people eat!!!


I am not trying to be rude but this is so innapropiate. How can her parents let her wear that? my mother would kill me and she is only nine years old and can not be wearing those shoes. shes going to turn into lindsy lohan.


If you don't like it,then stop staring at it.
Leave the kid alone,perverts.


its just the boots and makeup that arent right
the dress is fine


Sorry, have to be rude, crude and uncouth~~~LOL~~~this child is ugly!!!


It's not a beautiful family but an age appropriate outfit would have looked better - make-up is a disaster!

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Noah Cyrus is the younger sister of Miley Cyrus. She clearly wants to follow in the famous footsteps of her siblings, as Noah has starred... More »
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