Sarah Palin Looking For a Job

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In this difficult economic climate, you gotta pull out all the stops. Just ask former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin, who's networking to job hunt like so many others.

Palin has placed her resume on LinkedIn, picking out a misnomer username of governorpalin, despite resigning her post over the summer out of boredom.

Sarah Palin Speaking

Maybe crazyexguv was taken.

Known as the “Facebook for professionals,” LinkedIn is a social media site that displays more than 50 million resumes and allows for virtual networking.

LinkedIn lists years of employment as well; her profile says Palin was the governor of the State of Alaska for just two years, seven months. What a quitter!!

Sarah Palin kissed her career goodbye ... but at least she's back on the job hunt.

Sarah Palin's profile also notes that she's interested in “job inquiries, expertise requests, business deals, reference requests, and getting back in touch.”

Among her special accomplishments and skills she could add:

  • Being able to see Russia from her house.
  • Employing the worst publicist in PR history.
  • Picking out some of the most ridiculous children's names of all time.
  • Looking like Tina Fey, and being almost as funny (albeit unintentionally)
  • Staging her teenage daughter's engagement to Levi Johnston so her getting knocked up wouldn't sabotage her Vice Presidential bid.
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I didn't mind her clothing - classy lady! except the price tag that came with it. wasn't it something ridiculous?


Sarah has an interview with OSHA. She will be hard at work soon.


Ew. I wish she'd change that hair and makeup, it makes her look 10 years older than she really is.


I think inspiring matt Damon to make a youtube about how much he hates you and will do anything to stop you from becoming VP is a pretty big accomplishment.