Robsten Update: Restaurant Employees Confirm Cuteness, Relationship

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There are many false stories circulating about Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart.

Some celebrity gossip tabloids are taking advantage of the relationship by distorting truths and concocting straight-out lies. There's no wedding on the way, for example.

However, E! News is typically known as a reliable source for entertainment scoop; and the network recently traveled to Vancouver to learn as much as it could about the Eclipse cast.

It's Robsten!

Seen here at the MTV Video Music Awards, Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson really, truly are an item.

Correspondents ended up in a local eatery, where a pair of employees confirmed that various actors and actresses often frequent the establishment. Said one hostess:

"The whole cast comes in a lot together. For some reason, this is one of the places the paparazzi doesn't constantly find them. It looks like they all really get along well. It's always a fun table - they are laughing, joking and just very polite."

Okay. But what about Robsten? Are they really together?

"Everyone here knows [they're dating]," said a hostess. "They are the only cast members who will come in alone a lot. You can just tell by looking at them. They're really cute together, always smiling.

Wait, Kristen Stewart smiles?!?

"She is incredibly sweet," the woman continued. "I'd be a bitch, too, if there were cameras constantly in my face. But she's great, and so is Rob. They just seem to make each other happy."


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Fuck already!! Robsten is the most amazing couple, they ought to know that!


yea, once twilight goes away-so will they


i give them only until this twilight phemon is over


i hope their together it would be really cute


GO ROBSTEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! they are so cute together!!!!!!!!!


Yes she does smile! Just because she doesn't smile when there are a hundred paps harassing her doesn't mean she doesn't smile. I have seen countless videos and interviews of her and Rob together and she smiles alot...particulary at him. I think she is misunderstood alot because she doesn't give these perfect planned out answers in interviews and she isn't super self confident. She is human and has insecurities just like anyone else. I think they are adorable together and we all know that Rob said himself that she is one of the main reasons behind why he wanted to try out for Twilight. I think it's awesome for Rob that he not only got the part that made him super successful but also ended up with the girl that he had a huge crush on. Go Robsten!


I don't like her hair or the dress. But other than that they look good together.. hope that it last for them but it probably wont. Just like all Fantsy dreams of Celebrities in Hollywood most of them don't last. But hope this one does


I don't like the dress.. I do think they are a perfect fit =)


Ugh they are perfect 4 each other, they are both so hideous.

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