Robert Pattinson: To Be Cast as Prince Harry?!?

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From Edward Cullen to... Prince Harry?!?

One of the most unexpected casting rumors going around is that Robert Pattinson is up for the role of royalty in an upcoming movie about Prince Harry.

According to UK's OK! Weekly, the Twilight Saga star and Harry Potter actor Rupert Grint are vying for the lead in The Spare, a film that will cover the life of this prince, most notably his reaction to the death of his mother and his time spent in the army.

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Robert Pattinson as Prince Harry? What do you think of this possibility?

Shooting will begin next year in England and the Middle East, as director Peter Kosminsky said of the project:

"I feel a sense of compassion for [Prince Harry]. His parents break up in the most spectacularly public way, his mother dies in the most tragic and, again, public way and everything is picked over."

While Pattinson and Grint supposedly battle over the role, no word yet on who might play Chelsy Davy. Got any suggestions?

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love robert pattinson!


hey! we love prince harry so get over it.
i think rob can fit the look with a little makeup :)


lame. so lame. why is there a movie being made about prince harry already? isn't he only like, 20? get real.


I think Amy Smart would make a great chelsey davey
she is a bit older but looks alot like her and is a great actress


Rupert would be the best choice, he fits the look better!


More people will see the movie when Robert is in it, I think. He's hot, so why not?! ^^


i think it would be weird!!!


ahh i would LOVE it
haha aslong as they dont but kristen as chelsy lol!! love them both :)


He would be sooo great in this role! I hope he gets it!


rob pat as prinz harry. kind a weird.