Robert Pattinson: To Be Cast as Prince Harry?!?

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From Edward Cullen to... Prince Harry?!?

One of the most unexpected casting rumors going around is that Robert Pattinson is up for the role of royalty in an upcoming movie about Prince Harry.

According to UK's OK! Weekly, the Twilight Saga star and Harry Potter actor Rupert Grint are vying for the lead in The Spare, a film that will cover the life of this prince, most notably his reaction to the death of his mother and his time spent in the army.

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Robert Pattinson as Prince Harry? What do you think of this possibility?

Shooting will begin next year in England and the Middle East, as director Peter Kosminsky said of the project:

"I feel a sense of compassion for [Prince Harry]. His parents break up in the most spectacularly public way, his mother dies in the most tragic and, again, public way and everything is picked over."

While Pattinson and Grint supposedly battle over the role, no word yet on who might play Chelsy Davy. Got any suggestions?

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Look at all these little girls practically cumming in their little pants because they like RPattinson so much.

I mean REALLY girls? For one: Robert's face isn't round and his nose is nothing like Harry's. For two: Harry is a GINGER, not a brunette. Three: How would Robert have freckles? Makeup? LOL okay. Four: Prince Harry is too much of a GOD to be played by that twat of an actor.


Are you kidding? I mean really? Robert as Prince Harry? Don't make me LAUGH. Robert Pattinson is NOT attractive and doesn't even look like the beautiful and handsome Prince. I will seriously cry if he becomes the actor to play the Prince. Rupert Grint doesn't look like him either, but I would much rather have an actual ginger with actual acting skills play Prince Harry. This is upsetting, Robert isn't even that good of an actor. UGH.


Robert is so handsome


I think he'd play the role pretty well


haha robert as prince harry i love the idea thought no one could realy play prince harry but i think robert will have fun thought i do think people will allways call him edward cullen but he is not edward people see him that way but i see him as an other person a person i no nothing about and seomeone who cares for other people and i think the press should leave him alone for a while


I don't think Robert is fitting of the role if you ask me.
He looks NOTHING like Prince Harry. Just because he's hot doesn't mean he will take the role of Harry. They look WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYY different. Rupert already has the look and won't need any plastic surgery or a lot of make up to look like Harry lol (or dye his hair). Over all the bottom line is. Who is more suitable for the role (not who is more popular). And in this case it is Rupert.
Some of you people aren't looking at the big picture here, just because Robert is "hot" and "popular" doesn't mean he will get the role (he probably won't. Sorry but it's true). And it doesn't mean it will be "The Greatest Movie Ever!" just because he is in it.
The truth hurts but at least I'm honest about it.




I don't think either of them fit I think Drew Seeley should he may not be red headed but he is a much beter actor and doesn't mess up as mucha nd have to film the same scene millions of times and plus I am best friends with the famous Drew Seeley we talk all the time I have nothing against R Pattz or Rupert I just think they don't fit as Harry. I love Rob and Rupert but Drew is much better to play Prince Harry. I enjoy watching them act and also mess up cause it's funny but lots of times they don't take it seriously and fail to succeed at making the film without having to redo it a million times and it gets tiring. I think Drew should and I think Miley Cyrus or Kate Winslet should play Chelsy Davey.


hes hot, but i would much rather see rupert grint in this role


i think rob is hot but i dont think he look anything like him but thats just me