Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart: Cuter Than Ever!

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In 2008, Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart posed for a photo shoot with Vanity Fair.

At the time, the actors were almost scarcely known, as the Twilight phenomenon was just taking off and rumors of their relationship weren't making a blip on the celebrity gossip radar.

Fast forward a year, and it's safe to say times have changed.

Now, the recently-released outtakes from this spread are causing quite an online stir. The reason? They may be the most revealing shots we have of this likely couple.

Because the pictures were snapped prior to the paparazzi and tabloid onslaught that has taken over Robert and Kristen's life, the two were unafraid to be cozy, comfortable and adorable with one another. Here's what we mean:

Major Smooch

You'd be hard pressed to find any new photos of Robsten conducting such PDA sessions, so take full advantage of these images. Click on each below for larger, cuter pics of the Twilight Saga stars:

  • Cute, Comfy Couple
  • Cute as Ever
  • Great, Handsome Actor
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go team robsten ! we all support your relationship ! :)


I have to admit they are cute pictures and they do look happy together. I've noticed that he seems to smile more when she's around. Although not in these pics


he is cute.
Edward and Bella are cute.
Kristen and Rob together are NOT!


good on them if they r together and no wonder there keeping it quiet can u imagine wot it would be lyk in there shoes not being able to do anything wiv out a camera shoved at ya rob is only 23 and kristen is only 19 leave the pair alone all these ppl having ago at her coz she is dating rob is so unfair sorry ppl im a jacob fan so kristen cam keep rob and good luck to them in the futre


why is everyone making it a big deal that she isn't smiling? i wouldn't be smiling if there was a million cameras in my face asking about my personal life. she gets attacked everywhere she goes. She's 19, give the girl a break!


OMG!I soooooo hope that rob and kristen r together!rob is soo good 4 her!


They make the cutest couple EVER!!!!!GO ROBSTEN!!!!!:)


go alice deffend your self she has no reason to be in your stuff she probly likes him and thinks she can be his only 1!!! TEAM EDWARD


i dont know if you will be reading thins but i wouldnt want to be with rob.
1. he smokes
2. he is like 25 or something
maybe i just dont like kstew


they are sooo cute together
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