Report: Lindsay Lohan All Over Balthazar Getty

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Recent Brothers & Sisters spoilers have suggested that Balthazar Getty may briefly reprise his role as Tommy Walker, a major character on the first two years.

But recent reports from the Hollywood club scene have shed light on the type of behavior that led to his virtual dismissal from the ABC series last season.

As we reported earlier, Lindsay Lohan has been on an epic bender lately, and over the weekend at Voyeur, she and Balthazar Getty were pawing each other.

Sneaking in through the back door (literally), the pair were all over one another at a table in the front of the room, according to a fellow club goer.

Balthazar Getty's taste in women is dropping faster than Lindsay's skirt.

The duo stayed for less than half an hour before leaving the hip night club, where Whitney Port, Ryan Phillippe and Matthew Perry were also partying.

Ah, true love. These two are definitely made for each other.

Balthazar made headlines last year when the home wrecker Sienna Miller had an affair with him. He then separated from his wife and their four kids.

Lindsay makes headlines every hour of the day recently.

Not in a good way, either. The girl is a train wreck, and getting worse. Michael and Dina Lohan need to quick trading barbs and get their girl into rehab.

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She seems to be all over anyone who will let her now adays, trashy attention seeking ho, somebody love me pleeeeease. Just pathetic


Gross Balthy! Where are your standards?


she needs to fix herself before she can have a serious relationship with a guy
real-wishes dot com
where wishes become reality


Ok, so who is the stranger ones....the people that hide in the bushes and stalk a person to see who they are partying with or the people that spend money on buying this type of kinky stuff.....or the people are are just out to have some fun with friends and end up being stalked by people in the bushes trying to sell kinky stuff to the media ?


Please guys don't you have your own life and problems to worry about.


And I'm SURE the STD's are ALL OVER BALTHY!!!!!!!!!!! What the Fawk were you thinking, boy?!?!?!?!? This is a national STD TREASURE! Idiot.


OMG!!! Lindsay is such a freakin mess. And now she is hookin up with a guy!! I'm sure in .26 seconds she will be tweeting about Sam Ronson being the love of her life!