Released: The Adam Lambert Album Cover!

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Yesterday, we gave readers a chance to listen to a trio of new singles by American Idol champion Kris Allen.

Today, it's time for Adam Lambert to shine!

We have no new information regarding his debut album, which hits stores on November 23. But we do have something beautiful for fans to look ati;

The album cover for "For Your Entertainment." It's classic Adam all around...

Adam Lambert Album Cover

Will you purchase this album?


I don't expect everyone to agree on the album cover ... in this society there are always going to be the dissenters, haters, bashers and just plain nasty who disagree just because you say you like it. I LOVE IT!!! I LOVE ADAM!!! And I can't wait to hear the music that will live inside that cover. Glam is back!!!


How would you know if it's Adam not being true to himself? I love the cover and more importantly I love that Adam is being daring and doing what he wants. This is his vision and I'm very impressed that Sony is giving Adam the creative freedom that people always say is LACKING from American Idol! GO ADAM! Never back down- Always stay TRUE to yourself!


His face is beautiful here, but the rest could use some work. I love that Adam is brave and daring, but this isn't Adam being true to himself. It's not the Adam that we came to know and love, and it's not even an Adam that we've ever seen before. (And yes, I've seen all the Zodiac Show stuff, etc.) Where's the hot, sex on fire guy who entranced us so? I truly love Adam and will buy anything he records, but he doesn't look anything like an up and coming pop/rock star. It looks like an arty photo that you'd see on the wall in a drag club. I'm sorry, Adam, I love you dearly, but I'm very disappointed with this album artwork.


this is.... laughable... dude - you ain't no david bowie, so quit trying so hard to be... this poser has the media snowed in the worst way... what is so edgy, or daring about this glamour shot - a poor one at that... he's trying to evoke the glory days of glam, and this ain't it, sorry. good luck, he's gonna need it.


The album cover is absolutely STUNNING and BREATHTAKINGLY GORGEOUS! Thanks for bringing Glam back Adam!!! You ROCK!!!


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