Released: The Adam Lambert Album Cover!

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Yesterday, we gave readers a chance to listen to a trio of new singles by American Idol champion Kris Allen.

Today, it's time for Adam Lambert to shine!

We have no new information regarding his debut album, which hits stores on November 23. But we do have something beautiful for fans to look ati;

The album cover for "For Your Entertainment." It's classic Adam all around...

Adam Lambert Album Cover

Will you purchase this album?


Ugh, it's much gay-er than I thought but I don't want to judge the book by its cover. After all it's the songs that's most important


I can hardly believe so many people aren't getting the album cover. It's androgyny. If you split the cover in half the point and artistic concept becomes much more apparent ;) The left side is the feminine side (notice the pink light,upturned eye,etc) The right side is the masculine side (the blue light, the icier stare,no upturned eye makeup,etc) Genius cover. Now give me the damn music already!!!!


Its interesting that someone new comes along and all the homophobes come out of the woodwork. Newsflash, according to research data, homophobes are usually uneducated. The more educated you are the less homophobic you are. JS. I'm glad I'm educated.
ps. I will be buying everything Adam sings, he rocks.


Oh Adam, you are so predicatble. Posing as AI contestant after spending years in show biz, now you are posing as Bowie. Too sad!


American Idol has ruined music as we know it.


I love Adam, but agree that the cover image is too girly. It makes him look like a transvestite. Compare this to his photo taken yesterday at the MJ movie premiere. Edgier looks better on him.


LOL! Stole the look from Rihanna? You think Rihanna is the first person to ever have a come hither stare and smokey make up? Hahaha! Maybe you don't like it, but A LOT of the rest of the world loves his 5 octave singing. Most people don't scrutinize a freakin' album cover to death and just buy music they like. Adam's album is going to be brilliant. I love the 'alien from planet fierce' look of the cover, very beautiful and hypnotizing. GO ADAM!


LOL....he looks like Rihanna!! The come hither stare, smokey eye makeup and the hair...he stole this look from Rihanna!! lol...What a freak! I know me & the rest of the world can live without his scream-singing. He sucks!!


Ok, some of you need to take a chill pill. Oh, and hey DUDE, he is the closest thing to Bowie and Prince, give me a brake!!!! He is who he is and that is what most people love about him. Yep, he will be laughing alright, all the way to the bank!! Don't be so jealous please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Also, if you love Kris Allen Im sure he would not appreciate your negative comments about someone he has said he loves like a brother. Get over it.


So what if he looks more feminine, he looks so beautiful.

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