Rachel Uchitel Bones David Boreanaz!

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David Boreanaz stars on the Fox hit Bones.

However, it's the act of inappropriate boning that has him in the news today.

According to Star magazine, the actor was carrying on an affair for months with Rachel Uchitel, even while wife Jaime Bergman was pregnant! She gave birth to daughter Bardot six weeks ago.

Uchitel reportedly ended the relationship two weeks later; which must have been difficult to do because sources say things were hot and very heavy between her and Boreanaz.

“David would walk in the door, and they’d have sex right away,” said an anonymous insider somehow privy to this information. “He told her, ‘Every time I have sex with you is like the first time.’”

Rachel Uchitel

Meanwhile, if you think the Brooke Hundley and Steve Phillips' affair was shady, you'll love the following tidbit.

The tabloid claims that Boreanaz was texting his girlfriend while wife Jaime was giving birth on August 31!

“He was on the phone with Rachel, giving updates,” said a source, who added that even Uchitel was turned off by this behavior. “That grossed [Rachel] out, because she felt that should have been private.”

We'd have to agree. Seriously. One must draw the line somewhere.

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I find it hard to believe he'd be able to pull off a months-long affair with someone who lives and works in NY, since he is in LA, and that he would willingly pose for photos with the woman in question. Better luck next time, Star.


She is another Jew Bimbo


I love these anonymous insiders. The only way they could know this is if they were in the bedroom with them or if one of the parties told them after, which of course could be lies. It is also possible that the reporter lied and used the term annymous source to get away with it. I know how hard it must be to get copy when celebs lead respectable lives.An anonymous insider told me that journalists make stuff up all the time.


Many of whore women break up family that's old news and don't give a shit who gets hurt especially the children .


Well why should we care about his "at home" life when it has NOTHING to do with us. People wonder why singers an or movie stars go crazy or end up flying of the deep end and it is because of this crap right here. They are people with emotions and lives that are not ours. I know a few of them and for them and the ones I dont know get a life and dont worry about thiers and what is going on in it. Gossip is not facts it more less BS. Enough said.


oh and btw sandi not to be mean but dont assume its true just cause its in a magazine and dont bash celebs. i know plenty of them that are good people, they are just normal people trying to make a living. my husband is in the military and yeah we could use more but saying celebs suck cause the military life sucks sometimes is just mean.its necessary for someone to do the job. i dont like it, he was in iraq when our first little girl was born. when you sign up you know what you are in for. as for the whole thing about jamie, david's wife, yeah she may show her skin but God also says dont judge. they are happy together, isnt that enough. i wish these magazines would stay out of peoples lives and i wish people wouldnt be so judgemental based on false facts. celebs are people too, they just have their face plastered everywhere. you people make me depressed sometimes.


this is bull. i know david personally and he loves jaimie. even when he is out with his guy friends he doesnt let his mind wander. he does everything he can to make her happy. he would never cheat on her. i dont know who wrote this shit but im appalled. the "sources" are idiots and btw its not causing any friction so if thats you angle you failed. why is it everytime a celeb dude has a chick friend he is cheating. grow up people and find some real news and not lies


Just like with any marriage, there's so much we don't know about and this could be a load of crap or could have substance. We will probably never know the whole truth and personally, that's fine with me.


i think he didnot cheat on his wife jamie it is all lies


I would need solid evidence supporting this accusation. When did he cheat on ingrid with smg? *declares* shananigans. Guys make mistakes that's true, but this one... C'mon. He has and will always be a dedicated family man. I think it's just another case of the media's desperate attempts at filling their deadlines. Not every hollywood couple is unhappily married. He isn't your "stereotypical" star so therefore, he's not going to act like one either. This chick was probably just some OVER-enthused fan trying to dig her claws into him.

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