Rachel Uchitel Bones David Boreanaz!

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David Boreanaz stars on the Fox hit Bones.

However, it's the act of inappropriate boning that has him in the news today.

According to Star magazine, the actor was carrying on an affair for months with Rachel Uchitel, even while wife Jaime Bergman was pregnant! She gave birth to daughter Bardot six weeks ago.

Uchitel reportedly ended the relationship two weeks later; which must have been difficult to do because sources say things were hot and very heavy between her and Boreanaz.

“David would walk in the door, and they’d have sex right away,” said an anonymous insider somehow privy to this information. “He told her, ‘Every time I have sex with you is like the first time.’”

Rachel Uchitel

Meanwhile, if you think the Brooke Hundley and Steve Phillips' affair was shady, you'll love the following tidbit.

The tabloid claims that Boreanaz was texting his girlfriend while wife Jaime was giving birth on August 31!

“He was on the phone with Rachel, giving updates,” said a source, who added that even Uchitel was turned off by this behavior. “That grossed [Rachel] out, because she felt that should have been private.”

We'd have to agree. Seriously. One must draw the line somewhere.

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I'm still waiting for some kind of proof. The scandal sheets are notorious for getting their sources to take lie detector tests and then going out and trapping their quarry coming out of a hotel, etc like they did with John Edwards and Larry King. If this story is true, why have there been no follow up stories? There were scattered questions in the press about whether there was any truth to this story when Uchitel made the headlines over her affair with Tiger Woods. Other than that, this fairytale has been a one hit wonder. You can be absolutely sure that if there were an ounce of truth in it the Star would be sucking it for all the mileage they could.


His not suing doesn't "speak volumes" in any way, shape or form. Most celebrities don't want to spend the energy and money on having to sue some piece of shit magazine that is going to continue to print garbage about everyone anyway. The vast majority of celebrities turn the other cheek and don't sue because it's just not worth their time. Plus, by suing, the story and magazine get even more attention than if the celeb just ignores it.


If the story was false, why wouldn't DB demand that Star print a retraction or threaten to sue them for libel? The fact that he did not speaks volumes. This does not necessarily make him an awful person, but a human one who made a mistake. I also think he deserves more privacy than he will get.


Like a lot of other people, I am hoping the story about David Boreanaz is not true. The one thing that makes me think it is not true is that this story is so similar to the story she told about her affair with Tiger Woods. If her stories are true, the two affairs happened at the same time and she was in love with both men at the same time. Also, she believed both married men were unhappy with their wives and were going to leave them for her. This lady is either really dumb or is a tramp.


Nicole says
I don't believe that David would ever do that because he Is so HOT and that's all I have to say!!!


this is so fake, the anonymous person that told this website is lying, the person only wants jamie and david to divorce of wtv.
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Boreanaz's wife should be worried about STD's and AIDS; David's girlfriend, Uchitel, has also been "boning" Tiger, who has been boning Lord-knows-how-many women. It's sad when a married man lacks the discipline and resolve to keep is dick in his pants, and sadder still when his trouser snake passes on diseases. What is it the medical expert say -- that a person sleeps with every other person that person has slept with as far back as ten years?


Is this the same girl that slept with Tiger?


Hugh hefner needs to lose his money go in the street and see who would even get on there knees for him, its the money and fame,thats it . he was not even that good looking no body to speak of hes just a dirty old man. he has lost it the show is tacky with kids .get a job heff someone give him a broom