Rachel Uchitel Bones David Boreanaz!

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David Boreanaz stars on the Fox hit Bones.

However, it's the act of inappropriate boning that has him in the news today.

According to Star magazine, the actor was carrying on an affair for months with Rachel Uchitel, even while wife Jaime Bergman was pregnant! She gave birth to daughter Bardot six weeks ago.

Uchitel reportedly ended the relationship two weeks later; which must have been difficult to do because sources say things were hot and very heavy between her and Boreanaz.

“David would walk in the door, and they’d have sex right away,” said an anonymous insider somehow privy to this information. “He told her, ‘Every time I have sex with you is like the first time.’”

Rachel Uchitel

Meanwhile, if you think the Brooke Hundley and Steve Phillips' affair was shady, you'll love the following tidbit.

The tabloid claims that Boreanaz was texting his girlfriend while wife Jaime was giving birth on August 31!

“He was on the phone with Rachel, giving updates,” said a source, who added that even Uchitel was turned off by this behavior. “That grossed [Rachel] out, because she felt that should have been private.”

We'd have to agree. Seriously. One must draw the line somewhere.

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Okay I am glad to hear people on here who think this is drivel made up by a magazine. This is what they do they post stuff on the net and get supposedly (insider info from an secret source.) they lie all the time and have hurt people with this crap. Now am I saying I know him and know he wouldnt do that of course not I dont know the man I only know the character he plays and I like him as an actor and I am a fan but I refuse to blindly buy into what this magazine says without further proof. And this picture is the stupidest evidence! Seriously that does not look like a picture of him being all into him it looks like she is working it for everything it is and he is just politely waiting for it to be over. And I do believe she is the one behind all these stories! Either way it doesnt look like love or even lust at least not on his part


I have been watching "Angel" and "Bones" for a couple of years now. I think David is a good actor. Why is it that when someone is working hard and doing good for himself and his family that people have to start gossip to bring that person down? Besides, how much of the Hollywood "crap" can you believe? I won't ever believe that David would do anything to hurt his children or his marriage. Jeanne


normal man do it y not an actor. it is normal in life to do so. coz he was an actor people talk a lot n make coment.


yeah this all sounds like a bunch of bullshit sounds like this Rachel whore wants her fifteen minutes of fame for breaking up an honest mans marriage and doesnt care who it hurts while doing it


What a fukkin cunt! While she was giving birth are you
serious he needs to get his ass kicked fukkin
idiot I hate him!!!


I hope this is not true. I have been a fan for years and would hate to have to stop. I have been cheated on and it broke my heart and can't trust anymore because of that. I would to put him in that same category as a low life and would never be able too se him in any other light.


No way. No how. I worked with David. Family is sacred to him and he could never be as callous. End of story.


Well this is something that is between a man and his wife. The only ones he has to answer to is his family and GOD. And as for the girl he was reported to be cheating with--well she's a real catch.


Come out of the woodwork "annoy"nmous. If you were in the room when they f---ked, then you might have some credibility. Otherwise, this reminds me of when everyone in Hollywood said that Richard Gere put a gerbil up his you know what. And if this story is true, you're a real piece of work for putting it out on the Internet for the world to see; however, your knowledge "for a fact" sounds just like so many people in this town whose claim to fame is their insider knowledge which is usually nothing more than inferences and repeated gossip.


David ABSOLUTELY cheated on Jaime. I know this to be fact. Can't go into details, but I know this to be true. This is just the first time he's been publicly "caught". Jaime knows all too well that he's a cheater. He's been doing this to her for years, and she's caught him at least twice before. Jaime is no angel either........