Rachel Lee: Hollywood Hills Burglar Bunch Leader

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Police have ID'd Rachel Lee as the "mastermind" (a bit of a misnomer, since she's busted) of the roving gang of hooligans known as Hollywood Hills Burglar Bunch.

Lee was arrested in Las Vegas Thursday, suspected of organizing a plan to steal cash, jewelry, clothing, luggage, purses and other items from several celebrities.

Paris Hilton, Orlando Bloom, Lindsay Lohan and Rachel Bilson are on her hit list. Courtney Ames, Diana Tamayo, and Nicholas Prugo are among her accomplices.

When Lee was busted, police impounded a variety of items from her father's home: laptops, photographs of a partially nude woman, photographs of Lee's friends, two hundred $100 bills, a Korean passport and a vial of marijuana.

Sources also say police found a series of items that may have been taken from various celebrities, such as a hat linked to Lindsay Lohan, jeans linked to Rachel Bilson and - here's a shocker - photos of Paris Hilton nude. LOL.

Appropriately for an accused celebrity burglar, Lee told the arresting officers she discovered she was a "person of interest" in the case only after "watching TMZ."

The Burglar Bunch, if they are indeed responsible, ransacked Audrina Patridge and Lindsay Lohan's pads this summer, and also hit Orlando Bloom in early fall.

Lee has denied being involved in any of the burglaries, but we'll see if any of her cronies roll on her. She's currently behind bars in a Clark County, Nev., jail.

The ring leader was among four arrests made earlier today in connection with the high-profile burglaries in Hollywood. All have reeked of inside jobs.


"hahahaha , who really cares i mean fuck she did a pretty good job how old is she like 19 only ? im not saying its a good thing but shes pretty smart i mean most people could never do that." It's because most people have MORALS and don't want to end up in Jail. People like these are crazy, have no future in life, and is a waste of space on our planet.


The burglar bunch are idiots...even if they were able to break into celebrities houses, they're not going to get away with it. Stupid teenagers. I'm a teenager about their age and I think they're morons. They're already rich. They don't need to go breaking into people's houses. Idiots.


I would personally say you're all a bunch of idiots....


Wow I went to high school with all of these bitches...pretty funny that Diana is still locked up, shes a loca chica. Tess Adler was one of the people who were question, a.k.a. Tess Taylor of Playboy, but there were no charges there. Alexis was let off with no charges (that is, after SWAT raided her house).


bill gates is probably impressed by their hacking skills whiltst dissapointed by their usage of apple mac lol


yah that girl is a fucking druggy.
she's in continuation school at indian hills.i've seen her before and she's annoying and pathetic.it's stupid though how easily they got into those celebrities houses.i agree,fuck celebs.but whatever all those people who were involved with the break ins,should go to jail.


Haha I took that girls virginity...literally. And I know for a fact she's not being framed, her and Prugo were the main heads. She's an idiot...trust me.


these girls just knows how to break in security tightened mansions? i'm not really sure how that can happen so easily. they gotta give us some more explanation.


hahahaha , who really cares i mean fuck she did a pretty good job how old is she like 19 only ? im not saying its a good thing but shes pretty smart i mean most people could never do that.


I would personally say Officer Mike is retarded and has a fetish for female theft. And i would love to slam his face in a pile of shit. Lieutenant

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