Poll: Miley Cyrus is the Worst Celebrity Influence in the World!

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It's official: Miley Cyrus has lot touch with her fan base.

In a new AOL poll, the 16-year old singer was voted the worst celebrity influence of 2009. That's saying A LOT, considering Jon Gosselin and Kanye West are still alive!

Cyrus - whose attire and run through a myriad of boy toys over the last few months have raise red flags - received a whopping 42% of the vote. Britney Spears and Kanye finished second and third.

Vanessa Hudgens and Shia LeBeouf somehow rounded out the top five.

"I think Miley is in an interesting space where she is trying to graduate from being Hannah Montana and a Disney channel celebrity and coming into her own and having a career beyond Disney," said Stephanie Cohen, editor of JSYK.com, which ran the poll.

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To Miley's credit, she's trying to turn her image around. She deleted her annoying Twitter account and recently sung to a child with cancer.

But is it too little, too late? You tell us: who is the worst celebrity influence?


She's the worst celebrity influence ever! She's only 16 and already acts like a *****!


I agree with everyone here. whats wrong with you people??? seriously she hasnt dne anything seriously, or even semi wrong. If you have to bash someone bash someone who deserves it and should know better like, Kanye West.


It's ridiculous. In NO way is Miley Cyrus the worst celebrity influence. Sure, she's not perfect but nobody is and she has only made minor mistakes compared to some of the other things celebrities have done. She doesn't drink or take drugs and you don't see her partying all the time. I don't think any of the people on the poll above are possibly the worst celebrity influences. I don't know who would be but I definitely know it wouldn't be Miley Cyrus. She's only 16 and I think she is in fact a good role model for young girls because she works hard and has apoligised for past mistakes.


She is in no way the worst celb influence, there are people on that list famous for doing nothing and famous for having a sex tape. People hate on Miley cuz shes alittle diffrent and kind of annoying but she isn't a bad influence. Why isn't Paris Hilton on their and Tila is awful i hate that people even know her name!. Also a tennis star just came out and admitted he has done meth i mean shes 16 and she wears tight dresses that does not make her a bad influence people just doesn't like her cuz of all her annoying twitter messages lol and her dads mullet.


I'm at by no means a Miley fan or anyone you mentioned. But this is honestly dumb and biased. She's being a 16 year old girl. And people make mistakes and that's just the way it is. The problem with alot of these Disney Stars like Miley is that the world only wants to see them in a wholesome way and if they do anything remotely not perfect or a flat out dumb mistake all hell breaks loose. If you want your children to have a perfect role model get a robot or one heck of a good liar, because there is no such thing as an ideal role model. But the disney people all seem nice enough, i don't see her doing anything terrible. She's 16,if you have to judge her let her grow up and become an adult, make decisions then, before you point a finger at her.


wot a load a BULL! ur honestly sayin miley is the worst, i dont see miley posin totally nude, takin drugs, drinkin or sleepin about, she jus wants 2 grow as a person n get out of the whole hannah montana little girl image wich i dont blame her, she 17 n shes jus gunna get older so people need 2 deal wiv it, as far as im concerned shes a saint compared to what me n my friends got up 2 at her age n im sure alot of parents hav a few stories to tell also. i jus think its cruel how shes constantly gettin a bash in 4 everythin she does coz she dunt deserve it...actually no 17year old girl deserves that much hate. give the girl a break!


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