Octomom Loses 145 Pounds, Seeks Attention

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Just nine months after giving birth to eight freaking babies, single mother of 14 freaking babies overall Nadya Suleman is back into her pre-baby jeans.

Yup, Octomom lost 145 pounds. No trainer or plastic surgery required.

"I was eating everything in sight," the drain on society recalls.

"I topped 270 pounds while pregnant," the mother of Elijah, 8; Amerah, 7; Joshua, 6; Aidan, 4; Calyssa and Caleb, 3; and Josiah, Makai, Jeremiah, Nariyah, Jonah, Noah, Maliyah and Isaiah, 9 months, tells the new issue of Us Weekly.

While she easily bounced back after her other pregnancies, getting back into shape after welcoming eight babies wasn't as easy. Really, you're kidding.

Instantly erasing 40 pounds after delivering her octuplets, Nadya Suleman felt compelled to join the local gym after welcoming the bundles of joy.

Glad La Habra, Calif., taxpayers sprung for her membership.


BYE, BYE, WEIGHT: Hello, tabloids! Jobless media whore and mother of 14 Nadya Suleman, a.k.a. Octomom, shares weight loss tips and clamors for attention.

Nadya fits in thrice-weekly midnight workouts (while a taxpayer-funded nanny watches over her sleeping children) with strength training but no cardio.

"I get enough of that with the kids," Suleman said.

The 34-year-old Suleman also maintains a strict diet of five protein-packed meals or snacks a day normally consist of "anything the kids are eating."

Food staples in the Suleman household? Oatmeal, sushi, turkey, and even homemade baby food. "As long as it's nutritious, it's good to eat," she said.

The disgrace also loves to gorge herself on one particular indulgence every day and not even worry about any empty carbs as a result: Publicity.

Hey, if she can't exploit her kids for money, there's always her own body. Gotta give the hyper-fertile one credit for being versatile at least.


Who we're talking about aside . I have a freind who gets huge during pregnancy and then shrinks back down to her petite little self afterwards. So, it *is* possible. My freind has really minimal stretch marks that heal nicely after babe is born. They *are* visible, but aren't dark. Some of us *do* have better elasticity than others. I don't know if her pictures and article is true or not but I did feel the need to throw it in there that it *is* possible to look that good after so many kids. I have six and don't look too shabby, if I do say so myself. ::shrugs::


Now that her 15 mins. of fame are finally over,Octomom should come out with the truth. The world knows you had a tummy tuck, duhhh & probably lipo, boob job & gastric banding. It's not right for her to tell everyone how hard she worked to loose it if it's not true. You've def. done something cosmetically to change your face, it's just too bad it went wrong.
Maybe now she'll consider family counceling after last week's fiasco. Those poor kids!


That's quite an accomplishment, good for her.


This is sick n not going away. Those kids have been left there long enough, they will be just like her. DFActs didn't want to, didnt want to do anything...entilitment jobs you know...no reason to do anything. Now we will all pay. Octomom really did know the system...She knew that no one would care...or do anything...and that is what happened...when your taxes are high...remember you are paying for Octomom's missfitts...and hopes to be famous...God I wish we could send her n daddy back to the arabs...!!!


I just have to say i feel bad for those poor babies. They never asked to have a mother like her. She just needs to dedicate time to her kids....all of them and move on and leave the media alone.


And why the heck is she still talking to tabloids? Wasn't she the one begging to be left alone?


Way to go Nayda
Exploit yourself and your children even more.

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