New Moon TV Spot: Jacob vs. Edward!

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When forever ends, a new legend begins...

So teases the New Moon trailer below, which will start airing across television networks this week.

In the Jacob-centric preview, Bella's BFF transforms into a werewolf and lunges at Edward (Robert Pattinson). As a result, Bella must step between the two men in her life.

Also included below are scenes from the wolfpack's attack on vampires Victoria and Laurent, as Jacob tells Bella: "We only kill who we're trying to protect you from."

But that doesn't include Edward... does it? Movie goers will find out on November 20.

Taylor Lautner, as Jacob, is actually featured far more prominently in the film than Pattinson's Edward. But co-star Jackson Rathbone told MTV this month that viewers won't be disappointed.

"I think people are going to be really blown away by his performance," he said. "You have these great moments that Jacob just completely is winning over Bella. And it's just beautiful to see it."

We can't wait to see for ourselves.


idk its so hard but they both banq good so I luv jacob.!


like oh my gosh obv jacob=p


i think that taylor is HOT HOT HOT HOTTER than rob


i love edward!


Team Edward, thanks.


I LOVE THEM SO MUCH but team EDWARD 4ever:))))


They r both hot men i luv them, but i so luv edward the most


I'd have to say I'm a taylor fan too.. I like my boys clean shaven!


robert is so hot but i would have to go with taylor


ROBERT IS GORGEOUS! Edward is my sparkling vampire 4ever!