New Moon Clip of the Day: Meet the Volturi

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Yesterday, New Moon fans got acquainted with Jacob as a werewolf.

In the latest clip from the Twilight sequel, meanwhile, we get to know an even more dangerous set of characters: the Volturi.

Below, Aro (Michael Sheen) sets the scene, as the vampire coven speaks on Bella's fate. When Edward (Robert Pattinson) tries to interfere, the strength of the Volturi is on full display...

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If you go on YouTube on New Moons official channel, they have it there, in good quality too!
It's a pretty exciting clip, you should watch it! I would post the link to it, but I'm not sure you're allowed too


You can watch this clip at other sites, other than YouTube. I believe it was released as an official clip.


Can't open it either :( Damn youtube took it off the jerks.


am i the only one who can't open this?