Natalie Nunn & Chris Brown: Possible Couple Alert?

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With a name like Natalie Nunn, Chris Brown's reported new play thing is a natural to appear on the new season of a reality show called Bad Girls Club.

The Oxygen network show, which apparently exists, "features women with behavioral issues." Also a prerequisite for dating Chris Brown, we'd imagine.

Chris Brown has been getting pretty close to Natalie Nunn lately, hanging out a couple of times, most recently at a roller-skating party on October 16.

Here's a pic of them together there ...

Natalie Nunn Picture

Natalie Nunn and Chris Brown are probably just friends. But you never know.

We're probably jumping the gun. It's clear from his lame Twitter posts that Chris still pines for Rihanna. Although since he can't go within 100 yards of her, he could be moving on to someone a little more legally attainable.

In any case, in her show bio Natalie says she "enjoys cruising in her sugar daddies' expensive cars and painting the town red with her cool celebrity friends."

Apparently she also likes to paint the town red with Chris Brown.


that bitch is ugly ass hell and skerck jesuss can cris do a little better oh wait he can`t haa haa hahahahahahahahahahahahaha rihanna is why better


She has a long ass face yuck ... he like big features big forhead long chin lmao


She used to date Donald Faison's (Scrubs) younger bro, Olamidae Faison, but all his family and friends HATED her. Clearly a gold digger and I actually think she and brown deserve eachother. Hopefully she'll get what's coming to her!


She isnt his type.... She is such a fuckin digrace! i know he doesnt go with her it just wouldn be right! he probably just wanted to make the poor girl feel better lol


okay. i love chris brown don't get me wrong. he's got good music and moves and everything but if he's seein this chick there's nothing wrong with that but i bet anything that if he wants to hit her i think he found one that's gonna hit back haha


why don't he deserve another girlfriend,shyt it deserves every right to do whatever he wants,i mean get the fuck off this man nuts u got motherfucking people that beat women everyday but because he got some fucking money,ya'll wanna talk shyt i know a man down the street beating his wife right now i don't see him in the news.dammmmmmmmmmmm shut up mind ya bizness she a bit abusive too,she stated when she was growing up she used to fight her younger siblngs with bottles,light bulb she crazy too.but he have fans and he probably got more haters than fans but guess what while u sitting at home blogging he getting paid to serve his haters all day fuck bitches find somebody's elses dick to ride.




okkk seriouslyy wtff!! will usee givee him a breakk honestlyy r usee that bored that use have to keep making things up about him nd even if he was seeing her, WHATS THE DEAL! in the end its his business noone elses honestly get ova it nd give him a break im sick of everyone making shit up, if use dnt like him then thatss ur problem, deal with it nd stop lowering urselves!!
mwaah i love chris brown :):) xoxo


He doesn't deserve another girlfriend. At least not unless she's a professional wrestler. lets see who teaches who


She looks like a horseface man!!! Gross Chris, you need to work your way down from Rhi Rhi...Not start from the manure pile! lol


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