Natalie Nunn & Chris Brown: Possible Couple Alert?

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With a name like Natalie Nunn, Chris Brown's reported new play thing is a natural to appear on the new season of a reality show called Bad Girls Club.

The Oxygen network show, which apparently exists, "features women with behavioral issues." Also a prerequisite for dating Chris Brown, we'd imagine.

Chris Brown has been getting pretty close to Natalie Nunn lately, hanging out a couple of times, most recently at a roller-skating party on October 16.

Here's a pic of them together there ...

Natalie Nunn Picture

Natalie Nunn and Chris Brown are probably just friends. But you never know.

We're probably jumping the gun. It's clear from his lame Twitter posts that Chris still pines for Rihanna. Although since he can't go within 100 yards of her, he could be moving on to someone a little more legally attainable.

In any case, in her show bio Natalie says she "enjoys cruising in her sugar daddies' expensive cars and painting the town red with her cool celebrity friends."

Apparently she also likes to paint the town red with Chris Brown.


I love Natalie! your the best, screw you haters!! =]


natelie i have been waiting on a chance to let you know that you should look at yourself on that show and know that a real man don´t want aloud mouth for a woman i can´t believe you thank you run something come to our hood with that nonsense i am sure kenra told you about the hood keep doing what you are doing maybe we will see you on tv again as octo_mom hope you don´t be on the reality celeb list of falling one time wonders


all need to stop hating on natalie why dha fuqk yall worrying bout her. if she is sucking let her do her ya digg. and how is she all talk every episode she is in a fight so wtf. yhu scarey when yhu all mouth yall some stupid ass hoes.


why would you go out with natlie Nunn she starts drama all I wacthed her show


sasa...ITS PRETTY OBVIOUS THAT YOU ARE JUST LIKE THAT BITCH! "BIRDS OF A FEATHER"...WELL, KEEP SUCKIN HER ASS AND SHE'S GONNA DO YOU LIKE SHE DID DA CUTE DARK SKINNED CHICK ON THAT SHOW...TURN ON HER! You are probably just like Natalie...a gold diggin HO who doesn't have anything of her own...suckin dicks for dollars! So sad! Get a life Bitch!


yo, first of all - yall check natalie out on the bad girls club ... she's a straight up GROUPiE. you don't have to have a phsycology degree to see what an attention starving whore she is. she is extra sad, talkin bout she runs LA lmao .. nobody knows who this chick even is mannnn. i would be ASHAMED of myself if my name was in some shit like hers is in. i was watching the bgc and googled her name and allll these forum about her pu**y came up. Seriously? wtf happened to dignity?? and man, chris is a talented person why can't we leave his name outta shit like this?? he's an asshole for doing what he did to rihanna ... but does that make him not talented?? exactly. im buyin the album ... shit i bought rihannas too. where's natalie's album?? lmao wait dude ... your a nobody natalie, sry mama.


well duhhhhhhhh!!!!! there sooooooooooooo dating they took a picture of them sitting on the bed. i hope natalie doesn't get hit IF there dating i'm dying 2 know!!!!!!!!!!


chris you are my boo no matter what they said about you just think positive and learn from your mistake and continue to do what you does best you music


chris you are my boo no matter what they said about you just think positive and learn from your mistake and continue to do what you does best you music i love you


please leave chris man to make a mistake


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