Natalie Nunn & Chris Brown: Possible Couple Alert?

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With a name like Natalie Nunn, Chris Brown's reported new play thing is a natural to appear on the new season of a reality show called Bad Girls Club.

The Oxygen network show, which apparently exists, "features women with behavioral issues." Also a prerequisite for dating Chris Brown, we'd imagine.

Chris Brown has been getting pretty close to Natalie Nunn lately, hanging out a couple of times, most recently at a roller-skating party on October 16.

Here's a pic of them together there ...

Natalie Nunn Picture

Natalie Nunn and Chris Brown are probably just friends. But you never know.

We're probably jumping the gun. It's clear from his lame Twitter posts that Chris still pines for Rihanna. Although since he can't go within 100 yards of her, he could be moving on to someone a little more legally attainable.

In any case, in her show bio Natalie says she "enjoys cruising in her sugar daddies' expensive cars and painting the town red with her cool celebrity friends."

Apparently she also likes to paint the town red with Chris Brown.


I love BGC and I love natalie if she is messin with chris brown so what and I highly doubt rhianna even cares and I think everyone talkin smack is obviously just immature


stop hateing on them alll the haters sould stop that love nat&chris


thats naasty chris is toooo! sexy


I love Natalie she's the best ever! I want to her so bad! Ya'll not hating or nothing, but if you don't like her keep your oppinions to yourself! and exactly why'd you look her up if you didn't??? k?


Chris and nat nun has neva dated its just a pic i hated natalie but now shes old news its my time for bgc to have me season 7 8 come get me bitch??


looks like hes trying to tell us she's ugly with his EYES .. look


That ugly condom head bitch


man for one thing all of you suck at spelling man you need to go back to school. Natalie is a stupid bitch you doesn't deserve anyones attention let a lone be on tv she needs help anyone heard of narsacism she is a grade A example I think it is sick that she is getting famous for her big co*$ sucking hoe of a mouth. She is NASTY she woulnd't last a minute in my neighborhood. Natalie it is time for a wake up call and for Chris brown anyone who would treat a women like that must have little man syndrome and Rihanna god bless her and her talent she is better off without him and she deserves to be famous she is great.


I ain't hating or anything but I know Chris Brown can do better than that. Idk why people calling other people haters. Yea there are some but its rediculous. If they haters, let them hate. Yall can't do anything about it. I respect Chris Brown and Natlie but I know Chris Brown have a brain. I will never hate or be jeaolous over no one and never will but Natlie has some serious issuse and need to take care of it and listen to other people not listen to yourself.


yall need 2 stop hatin on Natalie yall jus jealous.... & if u didnt like her why u reading stuff about her? HATERS


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