Natalie Dylan's Virginity: Almost Sold!

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The bank account and the vagina of Natalie Dylan are both about to get a little bigger.

It's been over a year since this pretty virgin went on Howard Stern's radio show and announced her flower was for sale.

Since then, Dennis Hof - the owner of the brothel in Las Vegas where some stranger will do Dylan - has entertained offers for his client. He told TheFABlife this week that the auction “will be done in the next few days."

Natalie Dylan Nude

Dylan says she "feels good" about the man who has reportedly bid close to $1 million for the chance to take a random woman's virginity. He's a single American businessman that sees this as "something he's never done."

Note to this pathetic loser: the same can be said for walking over hot coals. Doesn't make it a good idea.

Does Dylan, who has spoken to her suitor by phone, have any regrets? Quite the opposite.

“I wish I did this two years ago. I’m very pleased with the way everything is going," she said.

In addition to the cash for sex, Natalie has signed a book deal. A movie is also being written about her life. Do you approve of what she's doing?


selling virginity. 20 years old model from Russia. write an email to:


oh my god.....i need more information i wanna do that


LOL I love the comment of the aution so is walking on hot coal but it dont make it a good idea.... as for her she is a whore pure and simple. selling it like any hooker on a street corner. she just doing it in the news so shes a famous whore


(1) On whether she's a virgin: she has admitted she has had sexual affairs with men but says she never had vaginal intercourse. She claims she has a doctor's certificate that her hymen is intact. (2) Yes, it's prostitution, which is why she says she will do it at the Bunny Ranch in Nevada, where prostitution is legal. (By the way, that particular brothel is near Reno, not Las Vegas.) (3) I'll believe it when she actually goes through with it. I still think this may just be a publicity stunt/hoax.


I still have a har time believing she's a virigin and it's pathetic but more pwer to her, milk it baby


That's terrible. doesn't this make her a prostitute?


wtf.. isn't selling sex illegal??


Damn, this girl is creative and if she has some idiot who actually wants to pay her to take her virginity more power to her. I do have a hard time believing that she's a virgin though.


whats wrong with this girl? i mean if she can get a million dollars for giving her "flower" to some stranger than good for her.. but girl, where are your morals and values?

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Natalie Dylan Nude Natalie Dylan is a virgin... but not for long! This Sacramento State graduate is auctioning off her virginity in order to make financial... More »
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Natalie Dylan

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I don't think auctioning my virginity will solve all my problems, but it will create some financial stability.

Natalie Dylan

Through this process I'm not just looking for the highest bidder. I'm looking for someone who is a genuine, overall nice person.

Natalie Dylan