Nancy Grace to Jon Gosselin: You Self-Absorbed Liar!

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Jon Gosselin has traded barbs with estranged wife Kate for a week. At least in that public war of words, he can release his lame statements separately.

During a panel discussion on The Insider Tuesday, CNN News anchor Nancy Grace absolutely owned Jon, hilariously scolding him over his recent antics.

On top of saying how Jon only pretended to care about his kids after his show was renamed Kate Plus 8, she said he's all talk but doesn't walk the walk.

Furthermore, Nancy Grace ripped Jon Gosselin for parading around with "one 22-year-old after another," lambasting his recent conduct with women.

Apparently no one told Nancy that he and Hailey Glassman are exclusive, but there was that fling with Deanna Hummel. And Kate Major, and Stephanie Santoro ...

IS JON A GOOD DAD? We know how Nancy Grace feels.

Earlier today, Jon accused Kate of hiding cash. This followed reports that he cleaned their account out of more than $200,000 and left her just a grand.

As Jon tried in vain to defend himself, if you can call it that, she called him out again - for not being able to speak without his lawyer Mark Jay Heller.

Perhaps the best moment? When Grace asked Gosselin a question about his children, and he started to talk about how he could do things better.

"Why is this always about you?" she said. "How does it always get back to you?"

A stunned Jon was speechless.

Check out the video below ...


Go Nancy! Go Nancy! It is about time someone shut him up! I can't even stand to look at him.... I find it very odd that all of sudden with the name change - it isn't good for the kids! And what about him not wanting to be in the public eye and the paparazzi following him around? HUM....something to ponder.....


Good someone finally needed to stop letting him ramble on about himself and have to own up to the fact that he has become a huge douchebag and is going through a mid-life crisis at fucking 32! People do that sometimes, they get married to young have kids then feel like they missed out, welll umm he has 8 kids time to grow up and stop dateing ed hardy!


Ooh, how we love drama :/


Media whores- nicely said.


Jon is such a slimeball these days. I used to love their family, but now they are just media whores.


i don't really like her but i don't like jon even more! he's a terrible person!


Nancy Grace is crazy


poor kids!!


i don't get this why is kate being the victim have people seen the show she's such a bitch and he is still a douche too...


lol...this is freaking funny to watch over and over again...what happened jon??? did you finally get put in your place..i don't like nancy grace but she made you look like a fool. and get rid of the stupid no good lawyer...kinda gay bringing him everywhere you that where that money you stole went to...????

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