Nancy Grace to Jon Gosselin: You Self-Absorbed Liar!

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Jon Gosselin has traded barbs with estranged wife Kate for a week. At least in that public war of words, he can release his lame statements separately.

During a panel discussion on The Insider Tuesday, CNN News anchor Nancy Grace absolutely owned Jon, hilariously scolding him over his recent antics.

On top of saying how Jon only pretended to care about his kids after his show was renamed Kate Plus 8, she said he's all talk but doesn't walk the walk.

Furthermore, Nancy Grace ripped Jon Gosselin for parading around with "one 22-year-old after another," lambasting his recent conduct with women.

Apparently no one told Nancy that he and Hailey Glassman are exclusive, but there was that fling with Deanna Hummel. And Kate Major, and Stephanie Santoro ...

IS JON A GOOD DAD? We know how Nancy Grace feels.

Earlier today, Jon accused Kate of hiding cash. This followed reports that he cleaned their account out of more than $200,000 and left her just a grand.

As Jon tried in vain to defend himself, if you can call it that, she called him out again - for not being able to speak without his lawyer Mark Jay Heller.

Perhaps the best moment? When Grace asked Gosselin a question about his children, and he started to talk about how he could do things better.

"Why is this always about you?" she said. "How does it always get back to you?"

A stunned Jon was speechless.

Check out the video below ...


Jon may be a 'dirtbag', but that would not change the fact that Nancy Grace is about as nasty a TV show host as you will ever find. I occasionally catch snippets of her show while channel surfing. I'd like to watch it to catch up on criminal cases, but each time I do, I end up chancing the channel after a couple of minutes because she's such a rude, egotistical A$$H0LE. I was trying to catch up on the Casey/Caley Anthony news last night, but she was ripping one of her attorney guests so bad, I gave up and switched to the Animal Planet -- at least they are only beastly when hungry! I think that there must be people out there who love to watch her specifically because she is so nasty with her guests.


Jon is a terrible father!


Nancy Grace needs to wake up. Instead of ripping and yelling at Jon why don't she rip at Kate Gosselin too. Kate has manipulated the entire media. Both are wrong not just Jon Gosselin.


And we care what Nancy Grace thinks because.........?


goodfor her
i hate john and kate
god they need to shut up and get a life.


I dislike Nancy Grace she is a Bi-ch... Can't stand her.
She doesn't have a life so she has to butt her nose is other peoples business....


yeah gooooo nancy!


good job nancy!!!! he is really a douche bag!!!!!!


Yup-You go Nancy and you do keep it real!! Congrats to you!! Jon IS and always will be a LYING SEF-ABSORBED SELF-CENTERED SELFISH DOUCHBAG!! It is ALWAYS about him-Jon IS IN LOVE with HIMSELF!!


You go Nancy!! He sure can turn it all around to be about him, can't he? Nancy is right , he is totally self absorbed. He isn't going to stop chasing 22 yr olds wherever he goes, thats why he is so mad that he is off the show. He needs the money from the show to continue his lifestyle. He is the lowest of low---a dead beat dad. Man up you geek and take responsibility. Go get that job at McDonalds you were talking about. Yeah, right.

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