Nancy Grace to Jon Gosselin: You Self-Absorbed Liar!

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Jon Gosselin has traded barbs with estranged wife Kate for a week. At least in that public war of words, he can release his lame statements separately.

During a panel discussion on The Insider Tuesday, CNN News anchor Nancy Grace absolutely owned Jon, hilariously scolding him over his recent antics.

On top of saying how Jon only pretended to care about his kids after his show was renamed Kate Plus 8, she said he's all talk but doesn't walk the walk.

Furthermore, Nancy Grace ripped Jon Gosselin for parading around with "one 22-year-old after another," lambasting his recent conduct with women.

Apparently no one told Nancy that he and Hailey Glassman are exclusive, but there was that fling with Deanna Hummel. And Kate Major, and Stephanie Santoro ...

IS JON A GOOD DAD? We know how Nancy Grace feels.

Earlier today, Jon accused Kate of hiding cash. This followed reports that he cleaned their account out of more than $200,000 and left her just a grand.

As Jon tried in vain to defend himself, if you can call it that, she called him out again - for not being able to speak without his lawyer Mark Jay Heller.

Perhaps the best moment? When Grace asked Gosselin a question about his children, and he started to talk about how he could do things better.

"Why is this always about you?" she said. "How does it always get back to you?"

A stunned Jon was speechless.

Check out the video below ...


People are just pissed that Nancy Grace spits the truth and doesn't 'sugar coat' killers! And gets paid! You go Nancy! Your an AMAZING WOMAN!


Would the judge handling this divorce please, please put gag orders on both Jon and Kate so they quit fighting it out on tv!!! If there weren't children involved, then have at it. But there are children, and they are being harmed by this destructive behavior on tv. PS: Jon needs to quit calling the press to tell them when and where Kate will be, quit sharing private emails from Kate with them, quit seeking out the press to whine about Kate and GO FIND A REAL JOB TO SUPPORT THOSE 8 KIDS SINCE MAKING $$ FROM TLC IS NO LONGER AN OPTION.


omg im a 14 year old boy and i can see john is innocent nancy is so stupid who would believe kate. if she sold that ring of hers she would never need to make another dollar in her life now there mad at him beacause he hanging out with another girl. gee i forgot if your famous you cant go to a ball game or have a girlfriend all i can say is if you belive kate or hate john your an idiot i hope NANCY sees this "I HATE YOU YOU OLD BAG."


i feel so bad for the kids


Jon and Kate are both being immature. Every child deserves 2 parents. The children have 2 parents that both love them. Kate should not stop jon from being there just because she doesnt want to see him. jon should also stop parading around like a child. its not good for the children to grow up on tv AND have a bunch of drama. Kate is a bitch, and jon is an idiot...but they need to figure something out for their kids!!!!!!! thats who matters most!!




Well it's the thing that both of them only knows.. Lets just listen to both sides..The truth will be revel soon.. Let's just wait and see..


i can't seem to get away from the jon and kate madness their so freakin annoying


this women thinks she knows everything


Just let them stop the show, and let Jon and Kate both go to work to support their kids. I was a single parent to 3 kids and i worked 2 jobs to support them. These people are not betterthan me. Let Jon get a job and pay child support.

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